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Friday Frazzle: A Week of Faves

Friday Frazzle:  A Week of Faves

Hi guys! Happy Friday!  I’m am hoping your week has been awesome and filled with all kinds of Fall things. Temps are getting cooler and I am absolutely loving this season. I actually turned on the heat last night. 😀Yep, that was needed! I also thought today was the perfect day to share hot chocolate with baby A….nope.

I was roaming around the blog and realized that I haven’t done a Weekly Snapshot for our Friday Frazzle in quite a while. I also thought it would be fun to link up with a few other bloggers who are doing some cool and amazing things in their world. That said, today I’m participating in the Friday Favorites link up with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals

1.   The Feed Yourself Experiment

Baby A. is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. The fact that she enjoys exploring her world through running often results in some pretty hysterical moments. I decided this week that it was time to let her have the reigns of a spoon without my hands placed over hers to guide the spoon in her mouth. I did this with mashed potatoes and gravy.  Easy, right?  I turned my back for ten seconds….My favorite food attempt thus far :)
2.  New Teammates for the Alzheimer’s Walk

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you know that I’m a heavy Alzheimer’s awareness advocate and that my family participates in the walk every year. It’s usually just S., the children, and I. This week I did my standard social media reminder about the walk and how excited I was to be participating in it this weekend. The next day I received an email that we had 2 new walkers who signed up for the team who are bringing their children, AND they donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. How absolutely wonderful is that!

I hope to see a lot of purple in our future!

3.  The reminder

God always gives you reminders to speak to you and your heart. In a community group I follow on FB, the following was shared from a different page. I’ve removed her name and the pictures of her children, but I definitely wanted to share the message because it spoke to me in such a special way and I pray it does the same for you.  You can see the original post that she has made public here.

4.  An assurance

This verse was the verse of the day from my Bible app. Again, it is always amazing to me how God gives exactly what I need when I need it. In case you didn’t get a chance to read up on it, S. and I have started the process to expand our family. I have been a mix of excited, nervous, and even a bit unsure—especially when it comes to the monetary aspect of it. BUT, this verse reminds and reminded me that if God has promised it, He will deliver it.  

That’s about all I have to share with you right now.  I’m looking forward to an amazing weekend with lots of fun memories.  Prayerfully, I’ll be able to join with you all next week to tell you all about it.

 Have a beautiful day and a fantastic Friday!

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