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Just when we had a bit of breathing room…

Hi everyone.  A few minutes ago I opened my email and was greeted with a message from our fertility financial coordinator.  Remember how yesterday I was so thankful that our meds would cost a lot less than last time?  Well, the joy of less income was short lived.

Even though the actual procedure is not until 20 November, program and procedure fees have to be paid by 22 October.  That’s in four days.  That means either approximately 5K must be paid for a one time FET trial…or approximately 12K for a shared risk that runs until we deliver a baby or until we run out of embryos, whichever comes first.  If we go through all our embryos, we received our money back.  Four. days.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 5K or 12K in liquid money just laying around.  So, now the question is, what do we do?  Do we proceed?  I mean there are ways we can go forward, but it will be much more of a strain that I really want us to put ourselves through.

I have said this before and will say it again.  I will never understand why it is cheaper to take the life of a child than it is to conceive one. But, this too shall pass.  God granted us money for an adoption, an IUI, and two IVF cycles.  He will do this as well.  Not a doubt in my mind.


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