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Weekend Recap: Fair Thee Well, Auntie

This weekend I was blessed to attend the home going of my great aunt M.  That great aunt may make her seem distance, but when you remember that it was my great grandmother who raised me, it makes sense that I would have a close relationship with her sister.  I’m so glad that I did.

My aunt was an amazing woman.  She was a strong woman, a fierce educator, a lover of all things knowledge related.  She took the time to teach and educated without expecting anything in return.  After retirement, she was still teaching adults to read, youth to excel, tutoring the masses.  She was a fantastic woman and I am thankful to have known her.

Her ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point…just like her.  We celebrated her memory and then entered repast to celebrate her memory.  Oh how I love her.  After the funeral, I visited with so many family members amazed at the way everyone had changed in such a long time while lamenting that it was another funeral that caused us to come home.  Crazy how that works.  Still, I sat with my aunt and uncle for hours laughing and joking while my children played with their cousin and fed goats and enjoyed country life. 

It seemed like time passed wait too soon because it was time to say good to them and then head to Bug’s paternal grandparents’ home.  I love them.  They greet me like family every time I see them and we always end our conversations with “I love you” and I know they mean it.  We met with Bug’s grandmother and great grandmother.  Both women are so wonderful and STRONG in the faith of God.  His great-grandmother says a blessing for my children and I every time we come and I receive it every time. 

Bug had a fantastic time with them.  He and Honeybee played until they couldn’t anymore and were sad to see that it was time to depart for home.

We made excellent time getting home and I was able to send a text to all the family letting everyone know we made it safely.

I have to say there is no place like home and I so look forward to going home again…for better reasons next time.

Love you all.  Rest well, Aunt until we see you again.


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