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Weekend Recap: Of Soccer and Books!

Hi everyone!  Here’s hoping you had a really enjoyable weekend.  We were fortunate to have another beautiful weekend here and we took advantage.

Saturday morning found us back at the soccer field.  Honeybee had her second soccer game/clinic.  She had a ball.  Her sister also had a ball.  Now that she is mobile, she is all about running around the field and up and down the hills after she eats her morning snack.  This morning was no exception.

Brushing up on her soccer skills

Donning her vest for the vest vs. shirts game

Baby A. before she became mobile.

Bug chased Baby A. most of the morning lol

 After a fun soccer workout, I left the kids and S. to attend a Social Media Ministry meeting at our church.  I love this ministry.  It reaches far beyond the walls of the church and can reach worldwide proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With all the young people of the world checking in, it’s an important tool in sharing God’s Word.  I’m honored to be a part of it. After going over media strategies for the month, I rejoined the kids and we headed out to a really cool event I found (ironically) on social media.

Waiting to meet the author of The Adventures of Superior Sam

Bug, Honeybee, and I headed to one of the local parks for an annual Independent Book Festival.  I stumbled across the event when I searched one of the Parent Boards for activities to do this weekend.  It promised that independent authors and illustrators would be present selling their books, giving speeches, and signing purchases.  Since we are a family that loves to read, I definitely wanted to take the kids to see if we could pick up some new books.

I wasn’t disappointed.  Bug immediately spotted a series of children’s book with a superhero theme.  He went over and talked to a couple of the authors and had a beautiful conversation with them. Honeybee did the same and we ended up with some pretty great finds.

 Honeybee couldn’t wait to hear her selection for bedtime and Bug couldn’t wait to read his on the way home.

You absolutely have to love that your kids are more interested in a new book than a new game on the screen.  Score a win for Mom!

Sunday was another beautiful service and another opportunity for fellowship.  After church service I attended what I thought was a ladies lunch and catch up time.  When I arrived, I found out that I and several other beautiful women were being honored for our friendship and love to the hostess.  Guys, can I tell you how absolutely humbled I was to be counted in that number.  Honestly, I didn’t feel like I deserved even a small portion of the love and honor that was bestowed upon me yesterday.  There were tears and laughter and a fun game.

You never know what you mean to someone and I am so glad that I know now.  Make sure you give your flowers while they can be enjoyed.

When I got home, I made sure to share the story with S., who surprisingly already knew!  He and I had the kids come in with us and we watched football in the bed together.  It was a fantastic way to end a really awesome weekend.

Here is hoping your weekend was blessed and highly favored!


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