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When are we going to humble ourselves and pray?

Guys, I have to preempt my usual Weekend Recap and vent. The past few days my heart has been breaking over and over again. Last Thursday, avowed white supremacist Gregory Bush, walked into a Louisville, Kentucky grocery store and killed two black senior citizens. The victims were minding their own business, grocery shopping, and were killed. Fifteen minutes earlier, the same shooter had tried to enter a predominantly black church but found the doors locked and went on his way.

On Saturday Robert Bowers, a man known to post online anti-Semitic threats online, entered a Pittsburgh synagogue to shoot and kill 11 people while injuring 6 others. Throughout the week last week, at least 14 pipe bombs were mailed across the nation allegedly by Cesar Sayoc. Packages were those who were critical of President Trump. In Charlotte, NC, Susan Westwood, was filmed confronting two women of color who were standing in the parking lot awaiting AAA. She accused them of not belonging there and gave stereotypical “baby daddy” comments while threatening them. She was intoxicated and spoke of her $125k annual salary to a job she lost the next day after the post went viral. The list goes on and on. In the same city, in an unrelated incident, a high school shooter shot and killed another student today on the campus. Someone’s baby isn’t coming home ever again. [And] someone else’s baby is the reason why.

Guys, I’m tired. Where did all this hate and vitriol come from? Why are we so quick to be nasty one to another? When did we become this nation of evil and abhorrence? My very heart hurt reading about all the bloodshed. People are so busy pointing fingers that no one is thinking about real and genuine solutions. This is bigger than political affiliation. It’s bigger than color, creed, nationality. This is an evil that is permeating every aspect of our culture. And guys….it’s getting worse.

This morning, I kept remembering 2 Corinthians 7: 14. The instructions are clear. We, as a nation, have to humble ourselves. We have to PRAY. We have to seek the face of God and implore His forgiveness and righteous. We have to turn from immorality and from hate and vitriol and turn instead to Him. Then, things will change. But, alas, I don’t see it happening. I don’t see us coming together at all.

We’ve become a world of me. Who has the biggest, the most, the best. We no longer focus on helping our fellow man because that’s called socialism instead of being human. If you donate to charity, you’re being a sucker. You’re enabling. It’s horrible. We have to do better. We have to be better.

I once told him that he must identify at least two ways to safely exit a room should something go down”

So, when are we going to humble ourselves? When are we going to start praying in earnest? What is it going to take? I remember when 9/11 occurred. My goodness, everyone was “God this”, “God that”. It was “God bless America”. “America united”. It lasted a few months and then everyone was at each other’s throats again. What happened to peace?

I get it. Not everyone believes. Some don’t even think things are bad or getting worse. They think it is what it is. But that’s just not true. I pray over my child every morning before he gets on the bus. We’ve had conversations about active shooters in school and in church? We have had discussions about emergency evacuations and staying aware. I once told him that he must always identify at least two ways to safely exit a room should something go down. No, I am not being paranoid. Unfortunately, in today’s world, I am being prepared. 

How many other parents, family members, community members are having the same conversations?  How many modifications have occurred to status quo to assist?  It’s not fair that security ministries and active shooting drills exist in church. But it’s not wise to operate without them.
 This world is getting horrible and there seems to be no end to it in sight.

WHEN are WE going to change that?


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