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FET Update: CD14-We have our date!

Well guys, things have taken off at a rather rapid pace. After a pretty quiet cycle, I went in on yesterday (CD13) for my lining check and to confirm that 1.) I was at a lining of at least 8mm and 2.) I was ready to progress to progesterone in oil. The blood work and lining came back fine and then I received a call from the nurse practitioner.

She confirmed that I would begin progesterone in oil shots today. She also gave me the date and time for frozen embryo transfer. It looks like 20 Nov 2018, 3:30 PM our babies will return to my womb. I’m so excited to welcome them there.

The nurse practitioner also gave me instructions for my progesterone in oil shot.  S. and I had originally planned that he would assist me in the injection.  Unfortunately, mt first shot was required to be administered between the hours of 10 AM and 1 PM.  Since he would be in his office at that time, there was no way that would work for me.  That meant I would have to administer the shot for myself…joy.
It’s funny how things work.  I’m very thankful that I had to administer all the Gonal-F and Menopur shots because it took me less time to work up the nerve to administer this one.  Verdict on this shot, though?  My butt still hurts and I am not looking forward to doing this for several more weeks, but if it will help my babies have a secure place to rest…I’m for it.
So, there we are.  My date is set.  The time is ready.  Here is praying great results.

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