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FET Update: CDs 1-5dp5dt

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is recovering from a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. You can read about our Thanksgiving antics here. Today, I wanted to give a small update of how I’ve been feeling post FET transfer.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do a Google-stalking run down until the TWW is over, but I wanted to make sure I was keeping track of this information just in case I wanted to look back on it or could share it to help someone else.

So here we go…

CD 1dp5dt
Still taking my Estradiol and Progesterone in Oil shots as directed. No noticeable change beyond a slight cramp in my lower right quadrant, which doesn’t mean anything as I was cramping last week as well. Hoping the progesterone will do what it needs to do to keep my babies secure. I do admit that I feel like my cycle wants to come on. Ladies, you know the feeling. The one where you almost want to go to the bathroom and check even though you are still a few days away from Aunt Flow? Yeah, I feel like that. Man, I hope this PIO helps.   

Medication:  1mg of PIO, 2mg of Estradiol 3x a day, Prenatal

CD 2dp5dt
Happy Thanksgiving! It is SUPER COLD outside! But we are still thankful and ready for a beautiful day. Thanksgiving has been a really great celebration and you can read more about it here. Symptom check for today is slight nausea throughout the day which can easily be from the medication. I am also very tired. I missed about two hours of chat time with the family because I just wanted to lounge on the chaise and try to sleep. Again, this could be the medicine so I’m just watching it cautiously. 

Medication:  1mg of PIO, 2mg of Estradiol 3x a day, Prenatal

CD 3dp5dt
Happy Friday! Man, yesterday was fun. I enjoyed spending time with the family and extended family, but it was hard getting up for work this morning. Symptom checking includes inconsistent nausea throughout the day, particularly after trying to drink my pomegranate juice. (UGH!) I felt one very slight cramp, almost so slight I could have imagined it. Other than that, I felt fine, minus one weird development..  I was so hot toward the end of the day that I felt like I was flashing.  I couldn’t get cool for anything. I actually went downstairs and slept on the couch because it was cooler downstairs.  

Medication:  1mg of PIO, 2mg of Estradiol 3x a day, Prenatal

CD 4dp5dt
Today was interesting.  We went back to my SIL’s home for additional Thanksgiving fun and I really wasn’t feeling to well.  Again, this could totally be the progesterone in oil, but I felt pretty nauseous off and on throughout the day.  I also had no appetite.  I had a few brownies and I had to force those down.  I was also tired.  I really wanted to just sleep the evening away, but didn’t so I could spend some time with my family.

Medication:  1mg of PIO, 2mg of Estradiol 3x a day, Prenatal

CD 5dp5dt
Today was an oddball day.  I felt pretty fine this morning except I couldn’t stay cool to save my life.  I also felt a few peaks of nausea a couple of times today.  One time it was pretty strong.  Again, progesterone can be a strong culprit, so I’m cautious.  I have also had some period like cramps today that I’m really hoping don’t mean we’re out.

Medication:  1mg of PIO, 2mg of Estradiol 3x a day, Prenatal

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