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Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Children/Youth Adoption Books

Hi everyone!  If this is planned properly, you are reading today’s Friday Favorite as I am en route to the Tar Heel State to celebrate Homecoming!!!  AGGIE PRIDE!!! 

Homecoming three years ago with Honeybee!
Because this month is National Adoption Month and November 1st was National Author’s Day, I thought it would be nice to share some of Honeybee and my favorite adoption or adoption related books, along with a few recommendations from friends with you during this week’s Friday Favorites.  I’m linking with A Little Bit of Everything, Momfessionals, and Grace and Love and hope you have an amazing Friday.
Please note:  While there are links to Amazon locations for these books, these links are NOT affiliate links and I receive so monetary gain for your clicking or purchasing through these links.

This has to be Honeybee’s favorite Adoption Story book.  Our former social worker, Ms. Care, gave Honeybee this book when her adoption was finalized.  I have read it over and over again to Honeybee.  We talk about the character’s adoption story and then talk about Honeybee’s story as well.  It is a very good book and closely mirrors how we bought home our Honeybee, so it’s a definite read for us.
2.  I Wished For You:  An Adoption Story (Marianne Richmond)

Full disclosure I have not yet read this book end to end.  It was highly recommended to me by friends and then confirmed by the ever reliable Amazon suggested reading book.  I am going to visit our local library to see if it’s available.  I have read several pages when perusing and LOVED it.  I loved it so much that I plan on adding it to our personal library and definitely think you should consider the same.

3. I Prayed For You (Jean Fischer).  This book was recommended by dear friends and is always welcomed in the household.  While not based as a complete adoption story, it depicts a mother’s prayers for her baby daily and during special times in the child’s life.  Each page ends in a short prayer and touches fervently a piece of me since I have been praying for my little people well before they were a part of my life.  I definitely recommend.

4.  Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born (Jamie Lee Curtis).  This book was recommended by a friend and fellow adoptive mommy of two beautiful children.  She and her children read this one several times a week and love the message in the story. 

5.  On The Day You Were Born (Debra Fraiser).  I LOVE this book.  No, it isn’t adoption specific, but the message is so clear that the day you were born was a special day, a day to be celebrated.  This book was gifted to me by my aunt and has been read with love to all of my children.  The colors are phenomenal.  The message powerful.  I absolutely plan to continue reading this one to my babies for many years to come.


So there you have it! Do you have any favorite adoption or adoption related books for children?  Any children’s books that you think we should add to our library?  We’d love to hear from you! 


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