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Skate Night with the Family

Hi everyone!  Last night was a pretty cool night for us.  I promise I’d already decided we weren’t doing anything.  We don’t celebrate Halloween and I wasn’t too keen on going out, but Honeybee asked if she could be a “pretty purple princess” and S. mentioned at least showing face at the church’s skate event and I acquiesced.  I’m so glad I did.

Honeybee and Baby A. walked with me to my neighbor friend’s home so she could see the girls before they went out. She loved the costumes and loaded them with candy because she’s just awesome like that.  We went back to the house to add some leggings to Honeybee’s costumer for ease in skating and off we went.
Since this was Honeybee’s first time skating I rented a caddy tool to assist.  She clung to that thing a good portion of the night.  She preferred to stay on the carpeted edges of the rink and the secure refreshments area.  I would ask if she wanted to skate on the rink with the others, but her answer was always no. 
I didn’t push her.  I stayed within eye gaze of her, patiently watching her.  At one point, she turned to her left to the arms of one of the ministers at the event and said “Okay, I’m ready”.  She then headed into the rink with one of the teenagers and had a fantastic time until she was ready to come and sit down for refreshments.  I was so amazingly proud of her.
After she’d skated until her little soul was content, and as her sister was approaching crankiness levels, I packed it up and was leaving the rink when we were stopped at the door by a guest from another church.  He loaded the kids with more candy and blessings and wished us a beautiful evening.
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It was a great evening and I’m glad we were able to experience it.  And don’t worry, the boys were there as well.  They just decided to come later and I didn’t get to get any pictures of them.  They didn’t wear costumes.
Talk to you soon.  Have a great evening.

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