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Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Recap

Hello everyone! I am hoping you had an amazing Thanksgiving and that it was so very blessed in the Lord. This was the first year in about four that S. and I did not host Thanksgiving. Our sister in love did a fantastic job and we were so glad to be able to make a few dishes, come to her and my brother in love’s home, and just enjoy the day.

True to form on Thanksgiving Day, I had the little ones eat fruit and cereal bars for breakfast as the kitchen was a bustling hive of activity, even without our hosting. Bug and Honeybee wanted to help me prepare dishes, so I put them to work helping me to remove the ribs from the freshly washed collard leaves. They did a pretty good job.

In addition to the collard greens, I also prepared a shrimp and sausage alfredo dish that the family loves and slow cooker meatballs.
It was definitely a lot less than the standard 10-13 dishes we usually prepare and I was certainly NOT complaining. 
While dishes were cooking, I managed to wash and comb Honeybee’s hair and get the kids dressed before it was time to hit the door.

I also got to watch Bug bake his very first maple pumpkin pie from scratch, complete with a graham cracker crumb crust!  I only got one picture of him in the kitchen doing prepwork and I’m afraid it wasn’t the best one.  You just have to trust when I tell you the pie was REALLY good.  We used the Raddish Kids November box that I mentioned in previous blog posts.  This month’s box included Cranberry Crostini, Savory Corn Pudding, and Maple Pumpkin Pie.  

If you are interested in trying it for yourself, feel free to try my referral code CK7RPV and purchase for yourself for $5 off the six and twelve month subscriptions.  Full disclosure, I get points towards discounts on future subscription boxes.

We arrived at our in loves’ home about 4:30 p.m. and sat around shooting the breeze and assisting in last minute prep until it was time to eat. Our tradition is to stand around in the praying circle and tell what we are thankful for. The answers this year were beautiful. I was and am thankful for peace and sanity. It’s beautiful to be able to be at peace and comfortable in a room full of people and no longer feel anxious about what they are thinking. Other answers included salvation, peace, family, friends, and even passing grades. After sharing our gratitudes, my father in love led us in prayer thanking Jesus for all that He has done and is doing, for being Christ, and for keeping us through another year. Then, it was time to eat.

Goodness guys, there was so much food. But it wasn’t surprising because there was an RSVP count of over 40. I wish I’d remembered to take photos, but I was enjoying myself so much that I completely forgot.  

Everyone had a great time with lots of laughter and telling of stories, and of course watching football. (Boo that the Skins lost to the Cowboys…UGH!). I also got to meet the newest addition to our family…grandchild number 23! He is a beautiful and happy baby and I was so in love with his beautiful eyes!! What a blessing!

Our in loves home was decorated so beautifully for the holidays that I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pictures of Bee in front of the Christmas tree. She looked too cute. You all might see this pic again coming to a Christmas card near you. And if you are as in love with this beautiful Fall scarf outfit as I am, feel free to visit SparkleinPink.com for comparable items as I’m told the set is no longer available. BUT there are a ton of Scarf sets that are and are on SALE! You all know I LOVE this store and have no problem promoting it. Use URL http://i.refs.cc/2j3bnI5N to receive $5 off your order!

Pretty soon, loves it was after 2AM and I had to remind S. that I would be working that day and would need to get home. We made it back around 3:20 and, after securing everything, fell promptly asleep.
Round 2 was held Saturday afternoon.  We went  back for more fellowship and family fun…oh and games…lots of games.  The teams ended up being middle school cousins (I love this btw) against the men against the women.  We decided to play Taboo and had an absolute ball doing so! 
The women ended up taking it 25 to 22 and 23.  Great job, ladies!  We had such a great time it was after 1 when S. and I and the kids left, and I had to sing at the 7:45 service the next day! 
All in all, it was an absolutely amazing holiday and I am so very blessed that I was able to spend it with such wonderful people!
I hope yours was equally as blessed.
I’ll be talking to you again soon!

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