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Weekend Recap: 2018 NC A&T Homecoming (Photo Heavy)-Part 2

Hi everyone.  Thanks for joining us for Part 2 of the Weekend Recap.  There was so much to share that we just weren’t able to put it in one post.  We hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed experiencing it.

The game was pretty good, but S. and I were starting to get a bit hungry.  It was pretty evident that unless the Aggies did something royally bad, we would win this game. With that in mind, S. and I decided to meet up with our friends for food and fun. We hugged my cousins goodbye and off we went to find the yummy stuff. Didn’t have to wait long…

It’s not Homecoming without a fish plate.  I’m just saying.
Fish platters are a staple of Homecoming. If you didn’t have the platter, you didn’t do Homecoming. We stood in line for plates of fish and ribs and joked as the place ran out of fries and had to go back to their store for more.  Then they sold out of shrimp.  You have to be prepared when you come to Homecoming!  We walked the Aggie Fan Fest, which is the area where various vendors set up their wares for purchase.
I picked up my Shea Butter from the only vendor I trust in Greensboro to give me pure authenticity.  I looked at some beautiful shirts and jewelry. I also found my best friend whom I’ve known since 6th grade! What a blessing it was to catch up with her—even if for a little while.

There are over 25 years of friendship in this picture.

After exchanging hugs and kisses and lots of love, we sadly both had to go opposite directions because of conflicting schedules.  But no worries, we’ll definitely see each other again.  

We’d just finished confirming the 37-20 win against Norfolk State. We were still full from the yummy fish platters. We were still on a high from having a great time with friends and fellow Aggies.  It was now time to face the daunting task of walking the campus back to the car. For those of you who have never experienced our Homecoming, you have to be forewarned. If you are trying to cross the quad after Homecoming, be prepared for the crowds of walk around. We chose to walk the outskirts of the crowd, but I still want you to understand just what I mean by crowds.

It’s all part of the love and joy that is Homecoming! No fights. No mess. Just reunion and laughter and fun. I love my alma mater. By the way, the pictures of the ladies in the Crimson and Creme are members of one of the older historically black sororities in the nation–Delta Sigma Theta.

We finally made it back to our vehicle, made one stop to look at M.’s old apartment, wished the campus adieu and headed back to the hotel to grab a power nap before heading to a Homecoming event that an associate of mine was co-promoting. Remember the dress I showcased on my Friday Faves a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, I finally pulled it out. S. loved it.

It was such an awesome night. We danced until 2AM, then the time changed happened, and we danced until 2:30AM. We actually shut the party down dancing to some of everything from old school to hip hop to go-go. Yeah, it was a great evening and COLD!!!!

We tiptoed out to the car which was completely frosted over and desperately coaxed our bodies to warm while the heater kicked on. LOL! Brrrr!!!! We loaded up, drove back to the hotel and called it an evening until we woke yesterday morning for another yummy breakfast and departure.

We were about to hit I-85 to head home when we came upon a standstill of traffic. I quickly hit my GPS and it warned of an hour back up! We were close enough to jump off exit and take another route the entire way home. The detour was perfect because I was able to see these beautiful Fall shots. You already know how I feel about Fall, so this was just the icing on the cake of a great weekend.

Is this not a beautiful view?

We finally made our way home, after one stop to enjoy some very yummy burgers from a local fave and got home in time to kiss our littles before our riding companions continued on their trip.

It was a fantastic weekend and I absolutely enjoyed myself. I seriously look forward to doing it again. Hope you enjoyed our walk down Weekend Recap lane.

 We’ll be talking to you again soon!

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