Fall 2018 Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Adventures in Babysitting

Hello everyone!  After last weekend’s amazing trip down college memory lane, I was pretty pleased to take it keep it local.  Friday night, S., Bug, my niece, and nephew joined the church’s young adult and youth ministries in an all night Laser Tag event while I kept baby A. and Honeybee at home.  They had an amazing time and my niece and nephew came home with S. and Bug for the weekend.

I woke early to prep a Saturday breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and cheese, and sausages.  I always make extra pancakes to freeze and then have available for breakfast for the kids breakfast the next week.  This time I had quite a few to freeze.


Everyone ate their fill while I got the girls ready for Honeybee’s soccer game….or so I thought.
It rained all day Friday, so the fields were pretty wet.  The same happened last weekend so the game was cancelled.  S. and I expected to receive texts saying the same yesterday.  We didn’t.  Saturday morning, I checked the email, but I didn’t see anything.  So, we loaded the kids up, bundled them tightly because it was COLD.  But, when we got to the field–NO ONE.  Apparently, a message was sent after I checked last and the game was cancelled.  Oops!
No worries though.  We assembled all the kids in the yard and let them have their own soccer fun.  

Quite some time later, everyone came inside smelling like outdoors and teen spirit (lol).  Everyone cleaned up and decided it was the perfect time for chess.
Bug hadn’t played in about a year and had forgotten the game, so S. sat down with him and our niece and taught them both.  They picked it up very quickly and had a great couple of games for the evening.  It wasn’t too long before we decided to munch on Chinese watch Disney movies.  It was an awesome way to end the way.

Sunday, we rose early for a great Sunday School lesson and a wonderful church service focusing on faith.  We had a great follow-on discussion when we got home and then my husband and the older kids went out with my sister in love for dinner.

Unfortunately, baby A. was showing signs of being under the weather, so I placed her in the crib and she slept all evening.  Poor baby!

That was our weekend.  Quiet and to the point.  I hope yours was just as filled with love and fun.

Have a great evening,


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