2018 Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Weekend Recap:  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend.  This weekend was the start of the Christmas season.  As such there were several gatherings and parties this weekend…all happening at the same time!  Unfortunately, S. and I don’t possess that be in the same place at the same time super power, so we honored our RSVP for our company’s holiday party.    Attire was semi casual, so I donned a beautiful black sweater, some sparkly jewelry, and swept the braids into an updo.  It was the perfect outfit.

It was such a great evening.  The party was held at The Winery at La Grange in Haymarket, VA.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  S. and I were able to relax surrounded by all kinds of yummy delicacies and desserts, and cases upon cases of wines (of which I did not partake…just in case 😄).  We had great conversations and wonderful laughs all evening long. 

It wasn’t too long before the party came to an end.  The company gave beautiful parting gifts of bottled Chardonnay and glasses from the winery.  I thought that was a beautiful gesture.  Since this was an earlier evening, S. and I had the chance to have the rest of the evening to ourselves. 

We decided to take advantage of this and accept the gift of a night’s stay provided by the company.  The room was very nice and an absolutely appreciated gesture after such a nice evening. 

After settling in, S. suggested we go do something fun for us time.  We decided to go out and get some self care done.  This was my result….

I very rarely do a manicure or pedicure, so this was a rare treat.  I loved it as it was a beautiful Christmas color and the manicurist was a perfect professional.  Believe it or not, after the self care, our tummies started rumbling again.  Since we were sans children, we did something we also very rarely do.  We headed to one of our favorite chains to eat.

We went over to Bonefish Grill with the full intention of sitting down and having a yummy meal while watching the Alabama and Georgia Game (ROLL TIDE!).  Unfortunately, when we got there, there was a 25-35 minute wait.  We were about to take the wait when S. reminded me that we had a room waiting for us and we could just take it back there.  It was a PERFECT suggestion and exactly what we did!

It was a yummy evening of Bang Bang shrimp and Cod Imperial.  Well, just the Bang Bang for me.  I got filled off of the large portion that was provided.  We ended the evening watching movies while snuggled under the covers of one of the most comfortable beds, and making plans for the day we’d purchase one similarly…sigh one day 😅.

Sunday morning, it was time to rise and take advantage of the yummy hot breakfast the hotel offered.  I dined on waffles and turkey sausage while S. took advantage of some of everything.  We then rushed back upstairs, repacked our overnight bags, and checked out.  I was singing at church and didn’t want to get there late.  We still had to get back to the house, get the kids dressed, and make it back to the church.

Fortunately traffic cooperated and I was able to get the girls dressed.  Bug was already dressed for church when we arrived.  (Side note:  He really enjoyed spending time with his uncle and cousins this weekend).  I was able to get myself together before S. was done, so I left and he bought the kids with him later.

Service was AMAZING!  It was just an awesome service.  I was glad I was there and glad to be apart of it!

The evening ended with outdoor Christmas lights being pulled from storage and prepared to be placed for the Christmas season.  I’m so excited!  That’s about all for our recap.  What did you do for your weekend?


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