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Weekend Recap: Yep, it’s really looking like Christmas now

Hi everyone.  I hope you had an amazing weekend.  It was a pretty perfect one as far as close to Winter entrances go.

Friday night, I found myself exhausted and actually fell asleep downstairs on the couch. This meant I didn’t plug in my phone and didn’t activate the phone alarm to wake me.  I woke up exactly 30 minutes prior to the time I needed to leave the house to take Bug to his last rehearsal for the youth choir’s Christmas concert on Sunday.  I did some pretty fast maneuvering and managed to make it to the church about three minutes late.

As Bug was rehearsing, our Women’s Ministry was having their Christmas Fellowship and the ladies made sure to let us know to come back and enjoy the festivities.  I’m so glad I went.  I had a great time!

There was yummy food that was such a blessing since I missed breakfast opting instead to feed the kids instead of myself.  Then, after the breakfast, we played a Christmas trivia game.  There were 10 questions and I got 7 of those 10 correct, so I won a gift card!!! Woohoo!

My answers

The game took my mind off some of the worry from some earlier spotting I’d experienced that morning, so I was pleased for the distraction.  Game, rehearsal, and fellowship over it was time to go shopping with Bug for a Christmas sweater and groceries.

So I have to let it out there.  I absolutely love the one on one time with my son.  He is such an awesome kid to hang with.  He’s happy go lucky like his mom.  He laughs at everything, even when it’s annoying to do so.  He’s my twin and I was so glad to be able to just hang out with him and pick his brain.

Our mission objective was simple–find a nice Christmas sweater for Bug to wear during the Sunday Christmas concert.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Nope.  Everywhere we went the only “Christmas sweaters” we saw were the ugly or inappropriate ones.  Apparently, ugly Christmas sweaters are in.  Sigh.  We went to several stores before I headed over to Kohl’s in a last ditch effort and found a decent sweater in the men’s section, which meant it was too big and Bug wasn’t exactly pleased.  But it fit the build and I was just glad we had something.

Mission accomplished, we decided to walk through the stores and look at Christmas decorations and possible gift ideas for his siblings.

I’m a fan, but S. is not 🙁

Maybe this will work better?
I won’t lie.  I was really digging the light post, but I couldn’t justify spending money on a fake one when we have a real one at the edge of the yard 😉

I did find a couple of cute pieces in Michael’s for the kids’ bathroom and Bug agreed it would be a great addition.  We came home and had just enough time to make some Christmas modifications to the house.  It’s slowly starting to come together…

Sunday morning came quickly and we all headed to the church for the Christmas concert.  Guys, they did SUCH a GREAT job!

After church, we were delighted to be greeted by slow flurries outside the church doors.  The weatherman had said we wouldn’t get anything and that everything that would come in would be much further South than us.  We were enjoying the beauty, but it soon became apparent that the weatherman got this one wrong.

The snow started at 2 PM and was still going about 6:30 PM.  Shortly after that, Bug’s school issued an Inclement Weather closing.  The roads in our city were ice since there was so little pre-treatment. We heard of several accidents and the city issued a “stay off the roads” warning.

We spent the night watching movies and getting prepped for the next day of work, which was also ultimately cancelled.

How was your weekend?

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