pregnancy Pregnancy #3

Our first OB/Gyn Appointment post FET

After the debacle of leaving my wallet at home and having to cancel my appointment on Wednesday, I was finally able to meet my Obstetrics staff.  I was hoping I would be able to see my Obstetrician, but alas it was not to be.  I met the Physician’s assistant and while she was nice, I could tell that she hadn’t bothered to read my charts or get any information about me.  She treated me kindly, but as if I were a brand new first time mom until I explained that I’ve been a patient for at least thirteen years and that the obstetrician has delivered two of my three children and only didn’t deliver the third because she was adopted.

Nice woman, she really was, but I’m still on the fence a bit.  We’ll see what’s going on at the next appointment.  I was given a pap smear, cervical swab, breast exam, and finally was able to hear the baby’s heartbeat on a Doppler.  It was a beautiful sound.  Baby was snuggled on my left side and had a strong heart beat of 165 beats per minute.  Based on the history of my other pregnancies, I’m pretty sure this one will be another girl.  We will see though.

My next appointment is scheduled in four weeks.  Hopefully, all will be well when we return.

Have a great day and I will talk to you all again soon.


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