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Weekend Recap: #SnowDay FunDay

Hello everyone!  What an absolutely wonderful weekend!  For most of the week, the weather people were predicting snow for our area.  The inches were up in the air, but hovered between 2-8 inches.  By Friday afternoon, it was pretty evident that areas further South would receive approximately 4-6 inches and the areas more Northern would receive about 2-4.  That was fine by me as I love snow and was looking forward to playing with the kids in it.  I picked up the girls from daycare and preschool and headed home.  By then, meteorologists were touting this…

Yeah, we’re somewhere in that pink region.  They’re expecting 5-8.

Shortly after this graphic hit the airways, we received a text message from our church’s automated message service.  Due to the forecasted inclement weather, services for Sunday were cancelled, but were rescheduled for Saturday 1030-12 noon. While surprising, we were definitely all for it.  And guess what/  Saturday service was AMAZING!

Our church has quite a few federal workers and contractors who have been affected or have family members affected by the government shutdown.  Yesterday’s service was so uplifting and so wonderful.  It was a reminder that everything is in God’s hands and they He has it all under control.  The choir sang beautifully.  Service was amazing.  The service was perfect.  The only slight gray to my sunshine day was the the morning sickness.  It was horrible and lasted all day.  After sermon was over, I hustled to the church bathroom and loved the toiled for a while…ugh.

This led to another dilemma.  After service was over, the family was famished.  I didn’t want to drive all the way to a buffet as the snow was scheduled to start in a couple of hours and I didn’t want us negotiating DMV roads in inclement weather.  So, I convinced S. to try a favorite work stop spot of mine called Mason Dixon Cafe.  It was so yummy and I ate so well.

I had the four cheese omelette with wheat toast (trying to settle my tummy) with honey on the side.  Oh my goodness.  It hit the spot perfectly.  The girls both had grilled cheese and one had the grilled mac and cheese, while the other had french fries.  Bug had a Jersey cheesesteak with fries.  S. had the breakfast sandwich, but wasn’t a great fan of it until he scrapped off the pimento cheese (you have to be a fan).  BUT he did take a breakfast club home as a take home dinner, so I am going to go with he liked the new experience.

Lunch over, we left the cafe right as the snow started falling and went home to watch football and movies on TV.  It was perfect.  The snow, as promised, came and continued to fall all night long.  It was so beautiful to wake up to this on Sunday morning.

The girls were rearing to go outside, but none more than baby A. who was very intrigued by all the snow outside.

Someone loves the snow

 It wasn’t too long after breakfast that I took the girls out to see it up close and personal.  Bug had already gone outside to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  I thought S. had asked him to do so.  S. thought I’d asked him.  It turns out that he took it upon himself and cleared the driveway because he knew it would need to be done.  What a great helper!

Not willing to have him do all the work while the girls played, I had him join us for snow angels, snowball fights, and some snow mini fun.  It was a ball.

By now, baby A. was over it.

 Pretty soon, S. joined us outside and he and Bug finished the sidewalks and the driveway apron.  Afterwards, I took baby A. inside for her nap while S. played with the rest of the children.

About twenty or thirty minutes later, everyone bounded in from the cold, hoping for hot chocolate and mid morning snack.  Of course, I obliged.

As you can see from the smiles, everyone was quite pleased 😂. The rest of the evening was spent lounging and playing television.  I decided to make chili for dinner because snow days just scream chili.  S. suggested we make hotdogs as well and have chili cheese dogs.  I loved that idea and it’s just what we did!

Everyone ate until they were stuffed and we settled down to watch Ocean’s 8 (which was really good) and the remained of the NFC Division games.  Shortly thereafter, the phone rang announcing that the kids’ schools were closed for Monday due to the inclement weather.  That wasn’t unexpected, so no biggie there.

Here’s hoping your weekend was just as fun and family-filled as ours.  What did you do this weekend?


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