2019 Pregnancy #3 pregnancy update

Bump Update:16 weeks

DISCLAIMER: This post contains information about our pregnancy. Because I know all too well how these kinds of posts may affect my fellow #ttcsisters and #ttcbrothers, especially those experiencing loss, I include this disclaimer to forewarn you. I understand how much these posts can sting and promise to continue to add the disclaimer on any post that may be related to this pregnancy (assuming viability) so that you may have the option to bow out of reading. I understand and I am still praying for all of you.

PREGNANCY WEEK 15:  20-27 February 2019
Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve been enjoying your week.  It’s been all kinds of fun with us.  We had several inches of snow, then sleet, then rain today.  That meant schools and work were closed.  I didn’t mind.  I was still able to get some work done from home, but wow…the weather has been trippy.  That being said it has been the perfect excuse for warm soup and grilled cheese.  I am ALL for that!  In other news, pray for a mama.  I’m planning Honeybee’s 5th birthday party and S. keeps leaning toward a sleepover with her cousins.  I’m not quite sure I’m up for that challenge yet.

How far along: 16 weeks

How big is baby: the size of an apple.  I promise I should make apple pie just because…

Gender: Unknown
Events of this week: Plans for Honeybee’s birthday are in full effect.  Yay!  

Symptoms: I am still tired, but I do feel better this week than I have previously.
Exercise/Activity: Nope.
Sleep: Bathroom visits are still a thing.  
Maternity clothes: Yep!  I wore a pretty cool pair of maternity pants with an oversize maternity sweater.  It was a very cute outfit and I enjoyed wearing it.
Stretch marks: Yep.  
Belly Button: In.
Food cravings: No
Food aversions: Coffee…UGH
Movement: Yep.  Little is definitely in there and definitely moving…especially after the sweet stuff (fruits)
Best Moment of the Week: Dropping cupcakes at Honeybee’s classroom for her birthday.  That was awesome!

Worst Moment of the Week: Nothing really
What I’m looking forward to:  My doctor’s appointment 
What I’m nervous about/praying for: Praying for a healthy baby, for those who are suffering and in want, for our nation
What I miss:  Nothing

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