2019 Valentine's Day Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Feeling Better..ish

Hi everyone! I absolutely hope you have had an amazing weekend!  Mine was pretty quiet, but very productive and that’s saying a lot.  I haven’t been feeling great at all with this morning sickness.  Even Friday night had me grabbing the commode at midnight (TMI).  Truthfully, I’ve been feeling more than useless and I know that (even though he hasn’t said anything) it has been grating on him to have a wife whose schedule has literally been work, sleep, home, sleep.  Shoot, it’s been grating on me too.

Saturday morning, S. woke up and for our church’s Leadership Seminar.  It was an open event, but I didn’t want to go.  I was still pretty tired.  As they were leaving, baby A. and Honeybee woke up and I made the bed and came downstairs to make breakfast.  As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I looked around and suddenly felt like I wanted to clean…and reorganize.  I had Honeybee change out of her PJs, let baby A. play with her toys, and I went to town.  Vacuuming, decluttering, cleaning in general.  I was aghast and how much the house needed it.  It wasn’t filthy by any stretch of the imagination, but man I was thrilled at the smell of bleach, Lysol, and Pine-Sol.

After I’d finished my first round of cleaning (with stops because I’m winded these days), I looked at the table in the foyer and decided I wanted to change it out for Valentine’s Day.  I love this dresser.  It was a FREE find on our neighborhood Facebook page and has served us well as a centerpiece.  I’ve decorated it for major holidays and birthdays.  Now, it’s decorated for Valentine’s Day…

Our Thanksgiving table

Our Christmas desk
Our Valentine’s display

You know what I love about this?  This whole tablescape cost about $10.  Target and Dollar Tree are great friends. I’ll probably do a Valentine’s break down later in the month, but for now… I love how it turned out.
After decorating and cleaning, I suddenly was hit with a desire to cook.  Guys, I’ve been cooking, but haven’t wanted  to cook in a couple of weeks.  The smell of food was not and has not been a friend to me, but yesterday I wanted to cook.
Ironically, with it being Super Bowl Sunday, we could have the opportunity to eat all kinds of game food.  BUT I felt the need to go Southern.  So Saturday afternoon, I was in the kitchen making baked macaroni and cheese and candied yams.  I would have continued, but after cooking, cleaning, and decorating I decided to wait.  Good thing too.  S. stopped by Pizza Hut on the way home from church.  So, we’ll be having the Southern stuff with BBQ chicken tonight.

Yesterday, our Praise and Worship team honored our African American ancestors by going vintage in attire.  I was really excited to find this vintage colorblock dress for only $26.  I paired it with the black fascinator. 

The really cute fascinator
Loved this dress

 I received lots of compliments on both and my baby bump (which is finally starting to look like a bump) looked really cute in it as well.

As I mentioned before, S. stopped by Pizza Hut for dinner after church.  This worked out well as we decided to forego the Superbowl party invitations provided and just chill as a family at home.  I pretty much knew who would win anyway and I’m not a huge fan of the Patriots, so this wasn’t a vested game for me.  But who knew it would be so…ummm…uneventful boring. 👎.  I actually went upstairs after the halftime show because I could check on the score later….and did.

The crew and I ❤❤❤

No surprised about the victors.  I did absolutely love a couple of the commercials.  Hands down, my favorite was the 100th Anniversary reception.  LOVED IT.

And there you go.  That was my weekend in a nutshell.  I’m looking forward to pretty temps this week to take the kids outside and play.  Hope you have the same opportunity in your neck of the woods!  Talk to you soon.


What I’m listening to today:  Sovereign by Daryl Coley (I do not own the rights to this song)

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