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12 Things I Didn’t Do With Pregnancy #2 That I’m Definitely Doing This Time

I realize that ever pregnancy is different and maybe that’s why I bowed out of doing so many of the fun things that people get to do with their pregnancies.  This time around though, I’m all for cute and fun and sentimental.  Here are a few things I didn’t do with my last pregnancy that I’m definitely doing this time.

  • Taking Belly Pics.  My husband is not a fan of all the pictures I take, but I come from a family that ALWAYS has a camera.  It’s how I remember and smile at the memories.  Last time, because he wasn’t really keen on taking the pictures, I didn’t ask him to do a weekly for me.  Now, bump that! (Pun intended).  I’m grabbing pics and seeing the change.  I do wish I started earlier, but hey…better late than never in this case! 
  •  Sending out a birth announcementGranted it’s not a super big deal for us not to do this in the age of email and social media, but I have several elders in NC who are not FB and IG savvy.  I plan on pre-selecting an inexpensive baby announcement, putting baby 4’s picture in it, and sending the pic to our families that aren’t able to email us. 
  • Packing a couple of baby sleepers for the delivery/hospital stay.  I’m no rookie.  I know that the hospitals (at least here in the U.S.) provide pretty much everything baby needs while staying.  The last time I bought nothing except a going home outfit.  Every day, my baby wore a clean long sleeved t-shirt, a diaper, and nursery hat until it was time to go.  It was adorable on her, but I felt like I was failing her somehow.  It was kind of chilly to me in the room at night and even though she was swaddled warmly, I couldn’t help but feel bad that she didn’t at least have on a cotton sleeper.  So, this time, I plan on bringing three to four onesie sleepers and a couple of swaddle sack blankets so the baby will be nice and cozy.
  • Pack a really cute going home outfit.  With my last pregnancy, I had a beautiful shirt and pants set that read “Answered Prayer” because that is exactly what the baby is.  It was beautiful, but a bit large.  I love her in that picture.  This time, though, I plan to bring an additional outfit just in case the baby is as tiny as ours was in the set.
  • Pack snacks in my labor and delivery bag.  You all have read the post of what I packed in my hospital bag and what I wish I’d included.  The biggest thing I missed, for me, was SNACKS!  Oh my goodness guys.  I’d had my last meal about 9PM the previous night.  My contractions started at 2:30AM the next morning and, even though baby girl was born at 3:02PM the same day, I wasn’t able to eat anything beyond a couple of raisins and trail mix until well after 6PM.  I was SO hungry!  This time I’m going to make sure I pack some chewy granola bars, get a couple of the small protein packs with cheese, and make sure I have a couple of Halo oranges or fruit.  Not only will it help to give me some energy, but will be good for while I’m nursing.
  • Bring the daggone Boppy.  Okay, hear me out.  I read all the books and blog posts that said the Boppy was too big and cumbersome to be of use.  I WISH I had mine.  I promise it would have been such a useful took in getting a proper latch.  I’m bringing it this time.
  • Make Freezer Meals.  I actually had this on the calendar to do and didn’t do it beyond a couple of dishes.  Bump that.  I’m doing it again this go around and making sure that I prep the freezer to accommodate.  I do 99.9% of the cooking in our family.  After the baby A. was born, I was still trying to cook dinner while nursing and taking care of the other kids.  Add that to my baby blues and it wasn’t a good look at all.  This time, I’m hitting my favorite “Make Ahead Meals” recipes and loading up.  I hope to have enough for the entire month of August and most of September.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find some time to add to that list during maternity leave (ha, we’ll see) because it will be very helpful come the first day of school.
  • Have a thank you gift for my nurses.  My nurses were really great and I wish I could have had something to give as a thank you.  The hospital here won’t allow homemade goods, but I’m thinking a few Panera gift cards and some small box of chocolates would be nice.  Seriously, my nurses were fantastic and it would be great to see them again.
  • Pamper myself.  I worked up until the day I went into labor.  I actually planned on coming in on that day and God had other plans.  The entire time I was pregnant I only did a few hair appointments (nothing fancy) and never got a prenatal massage or a manicure or a pedicure.  I plan to change that this time. 
  • Properly schedule my maternity leave.  As I mentioned, I worked until the day I went into labor.  I felt fine, but when I went into labor the day after I cleaned up dirty toilet water in the upstairs bathroom, I realized I really should have taken a bit of time to decompress and do a bit of simplified nesting before the baby came.  This time, I have arranged to telework a week before my due date with my temp coming into the office so I can assist remotely if needed.  My son and daughters will still be attending summer camp and daycare respectively.  I’ll take the time that they are gone to get things organized and set into place, as well as rest up because I do remember being severely sleep deprived for a while.
  • Pack something to eat for Daddy.  My memory may be fuzzy on this one, but I seem to remember that after baby A. was born and we had skin to skin time and pictures and the like, Daddy went to go and get something to eat.  He may have went and got water during the actual labor too.  Again, fuzzy memory, so not sure.  I know he was there during the times I needed him, but I definitely remember him being hungry.  I think this time I’m packing a small baggie with his favorite sub, a beverage, some fruit, and a couple of snacks just to keep him going.  I keep forgetting that even though he got up later than I did, it was a while for him before he ate as well.
  •  Pack a diaper bag for the hospital.  Since I didn’t pack the sleepers last time, I think it will be a great idea to pack a nice bag to put that stuff in without having to pull through mine.

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