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5 Pregnancy and Labor Apps You Should Definitely Download

I am 20 weeks pregnant today. I’m at the halfway point of pregnancy and, despite a bout of stomach flu, I feel pretty good. While there have been quite a few useful tools that have kept me focused on this journey, there are five software applications that have been more than instrumental to me. I like them so much or have used them so much whether this pregnancy or last, that I think sharing them with you is more than appropriate. Here’s hoping this list does great things for you.

1. Babycenter. I’ve enjoyed this app with all of my pregnancies and deliveries. Each week I receive an email with clear and concise information about my baby’s development, normal pregnancy symptoms, things I should be cautious of, and a pregnancy checklist. There are also informative articles and even community forums and birth groups where you can find mothers going through the same pregnancy timeline as you. It’s a useful tool and I have no complaints about it all.


2. Glow Nurture. I really like this app as it allows me to customize pregnancy info for me. Once my due date is logged in, I am able to select how much water I’m drinking, if I took my prenatals, jot down any medical appointments and information from medical appointments. I can email myself health data and present it to my doctor if I have questions. It also has checklists of things related to baby including hospital bag. There are subscription versions available, but I’m fine with the free version. It provides what I need.


3. WhiteNoise. Guys! Okay, understand that sleep is a beautiful thing, but getting it while pregnant can be a bother L. I promise you this app is what you want to assist in falling asleep. I found it by accident after my daughter was born and I needed womb sounds to soothe her while I purchased replacement batteries for her sound machine. I bought it in my room (the phone) after I did so that night and played fan noise and was out almost immediately. I still use it today, especially when I’m having trouble winding down myself. I highly recommend this app AND it’s Free!

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4. Full Term. This app was introduced to me with my last pregnancy. I downloaded about month eight of my last pregnancy when my Braxton Hicks contractions were such that my doctor wanted additional information on them. The Full Term app allows you to time your contractions, see the frequency and duration patterns, and even shows them in bar graph or linear function, which is awesome for a visual person like me. I used the app quite frequently the last two weeks of my pregnancy and on delivery day when I knew to call the doctor because my contractions were every four minutes, lasting one to two minutes, and had been that way for an hour. The nurses were able to see the information at the hospital and it was helpful for them when they were putting it in their charts before connecting me to the machines to monitor on their own. It’s available on iOS and has an easy user interface which I love. Highly recommend. 

5. Doula Contraction Labor Coach.  Okay, guys.  Full disclosure, I haven’t used this one yet.  With the 234% mortality rate of African-American women in and after labor, I thought it would be a good idea to have a doula as a support system in conjunction with my wonderful Obstetrician.  Unfortunately, I am not able locate one that is available during my due date and that  my insurance will pay for.  So, this app will have to be the next best thing.  “Midwife Mary” coaches through contractions, helps you with breathing, allows you to play background music, and keeps you focused during the contractions.  The contractions from my last birth took me by surprise.  I’m hoping this tool will help take the edge off this time.

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