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Sick and Pregnant

Hello everyone!  I was supposed to have posted my Weekend Recap about our fun zoo trip yesterday, but Sunday night I was hit with a massive stomach virus that had me regurgitating everything in my stomach every 40 minutes like clockwork.  This lasted until yesterday morning about 6:30, but by then I was so weak and tired from using the trash can as my friend that I just lay on the couch trying to see if I was going to brave enough to try and eat.  I wasn’t until about 6:30 last evening when the baby in my belly started dictating that I try something.

I tried three crackers and five sips of water.  It stayed but came with a wave of nausea.  I went to bed.  When I woke this morning, I felt better and knew I had to try and make it to work because 1.  I need the leave and 2.  I had three meetings that I just could not miss today no matter what.  Had I been feeling like I felt on yesterday, there was no way I would have been in, but because I felt about 70%, I figured I’d be good.  I stopped off at the local canteen and purchase two cups of watermelon cubes and reminded myself that I would need to start cutting my own soon because I can’t see paying $2.99 a cup for cubes in a Seattle’s Best plastic cup.  But anyway, those stayed down and actually felt good in my tummy.  The baby’s movement’s assured me that I was doing pretty well. Fast forward to a day full of meetings and discussions and I started feeling yucky again.  I’d managed to eat a few things–light and they all stayed down.  Now, I was completely nauseous again.  Sigh.  By the time I left the office and got to the girls’ schools, I was visibly ill.  I got the girls and bought them home and then laid on the couch.  S. is getting over the flu.  He’d actually gotten up and cleaned the kitchen and dining room as the house looked like a bomb.  Pleased that he felt good enough to do that, but not pleased that we had to have a discussion about it.  Note to self, fellas.  If your wife is 20 weeks + pregnant and has been the only person cooking and taking care of your other kids while you rest in bed all day, you might not want to ask her when she intends on cleaning again.  That won’t go well.  Just saying.

Now, I’m about to try and put together this post of our Zoo trip and see if I can lay down for a while.  I hope you guys are all filled with great health.

Blessings, all!


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