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Weekend Recap: Our Top 5

Friday afternoon, I picked Bug up from school a few minutes before dismissal so that he could get a hair cut.  His hair grows so fast, so he was definitely overdue.  I love out barber.  He’s a family friend who has an amazing rapport with kids and adults alike.  The last time he cut Bug’s hair, Bug promised him that he’d bring him a baked good that he cooked from the Raddish club.  He bought him a full plate and they were pretty yummy.  Bug walked out with a nice haircut and we enjoyed some Mommy Son time in the car.

Freshly cut

Saturday, the family started the morning early by attending our church’s stewardship meeting.  We listed to old and new business of the church, some exciting new developments, and ministry announcements before it was time to leave.  After church and visiting with a dear friend, I dropped S. off and took the kids to a birthday party for one of baby A.’s daycare friends at Chuck E. Cheese.  The kids had a ball.

I enjoyed letting them run around for a while too until my blood sugar dropped.  I was standing in the line to get something to drink when everything got really dark and I felt like I was going to hit the floor. I actually stooped to the floor for a bit before I was able to get my bearings.  That was scary, but short lived.  A bit of root beer later (which I never drink), I was fine.

After the party was over, we headed back to the house with Chili’s in tow for dinner.  I took advantage of some down time and took some really cool pictures.  I love my kids.
I’m loving the preggo shot

Sunday morning, we woke on time, but definitely tired as the time change had us a bit out of sorts.  Still, we managed to make it to Sunday school on time and church service as well.  Baby A. didn’t do quite so well with the time change and toward the end of service (until yesterday her nap time), she was cranky enough that I had to take her into the back room and let her room herself there.

I wore the same burgundy dress I’d worn a few weeks back, but there was a noticeable and prominent bump this time.  Since I was front and center for while during Praise and Worship, and then walked out with the baby some point later, I received quite a few questions and congratulations after service was over.  It was pretty much safe to say that the proverbial cat was out of the bag.  So, S. and I decided to have a bit of fun with picture time.

I had so much fun with the pics that I posted them to my Instagram account and did our social media announce that way, which was cool, quiet and subdued.  I liked it.

We decided to continue the photoshoot outside and Bug was the camera man.  Listen, he had WAY too much shooting these shots 😄.

After the photo shoot and church were done, we all went home and caught up on nap time.  Well, they did.  I “reset” the kids for Monday with uniforms washed, clothes picked out, and accessories divided.  Then, after a yummy dinner and baths, all the kids went to sleep while S. and I caught up on The Walking Dead…

Seriously, Alpha is not to be trifled with and Beta…DUDE!  Finally it was time to call it an evening and my dear S. slept so lovely, while I dealt with the baby curling in protest of something.  But that’s another story for another day.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!


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