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Weekend Recap: The Sleepover Edition

Guys!  My tired is tired!  What an awesome weekend, but man what an exhausting one ☺!  S. and I were still up in the air about just how we would celebrate Honeybee turning 5 years old.  It’s a milestone and begs a nice celebration, but with our huge family we just can’t go anywhere.  Tuesday or so, S. suggested a visit to Chuck E. Cheese and a sleepover with the little cousins.  Now, full disclaimer, I am not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese.  No knock on them, but I think of them as little germ factories lol.  That being said, the one in our area recently underwent a renovation (per the flyer outside) and was ready for our large family.

Dance floor

We arrived about 5pm and set up shop at some of available tables and booths.  S. and I ordered pepperoni pizzas, drinks, and a few unlimited play cards for the kids.  The cousins soon arrived and had a ball on the dance floor, danced with Chuck E. Cheese as he came out to play, and enjoyed all the games and activities while there.

Pepperoni pizza!!

The birthday girl

The rest of the cousins showed up and everyone was having a ball–such a great time that the small five person sleepover turned into nine not including our three when the kids were having such a great time they didn’t want to go home.  Cool beans.  This is where S. becomes the true MVP.

I was exhausted by the time we left CEC.  I loaded the car with the kids while S. and my sister in love loaded their cars respectively.  We arrived at the house and the kids began to run around and have a great time.
A short time later, S. came in with birthday cake, icecream with ALL the toppings, and presents.  Honeybee was THRILLED!!! Oh, did I mention it was 10:30 at night!
Happy birthday, Honeybee!!
Icecream for everyone!  

After cake and icecream, the “Middle School group” as the older cousins referred to themselves made a video review on different music.  The younger cousins sat down to watch “The Lion King” and the boys went into the playroom to play “nerf wars”.  It was the best kind of chaos ever!
About midnight, I couldn’t hold my eyes open any more.  My wonderful S. told me to go ahead and rest.  He had it.  (Seriously, best man ever!)  He continued the sleepover with Hide and Seek, Dance Party, Karaoke.  The kids had a ball.  I could hear them giggling forever.  Finally, I closed my eyes to the sounds of everyone having a ball.  S. joined me at 3:30 a.m. and later texted the family group text that all of the kids were sleep with the exception of Bug.
Fast forward Sunday morning!  I woke up first to prep breakfast.  The menu was to be french toast casserole, scrambled eggs, sausage, and juice.  I came downstairs and this is what greeted me…

While S. played a rousing album of Bullfrogs and Butterflies to wake everyone up, I got busy in the kitchen.

I am going to assume everyone enjoyed it since the food was next to gone when I came back downstairs after getting washed and dressed.

Full plates and yummy faces.
We loaded all the kids up in the cars and made our way to church where there was a wonderful service and a great fellowship.  And when S. and I got home….we all fell asleep…PROMPTLY.  Honeybee did wake to open her gifts, but then went back to sleep right after.
It was a great weekend, and as tired as I am…it was all worth it.  
Hope your weekend was equally as great!
Talk to you soon!

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