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Adoption on my mind

Yesterday was Honeybee’s 5 year old checkup.  It was also her kindergarten registration checkup.  That checkup would solidify her final piece of medical paperwork before I can sign her up for her first day of kindergarten.  All was going well.  She’s gained 4 pounds since last year, which is huge for her.  She is about 4 inches taller as well.  Everything looks healthy and, minus her eczema (which we now have a dermatological referral for), she is the picture of health.  That’s why the next course of conversation kind of threw me for a bit of a loop.

Checkup time!

I was conversing with the physician’s assistant when she explained the office has a new system and they would need to re-enter Honeybee’s medical history and her family medical history as well.  I told the PA that I could provide her with some of her maternal medical history, but none of her paternal, as Honeybee is adopted and I had not been provided with medical history from her paternal side.

Honeybee sat listening intently, not sure of the big words, but not intimidated as I discuss adoption with her often.  She listened as I explained her being a carrier of an autoimmune trait. She listened as I mentioned the hypertension that existed on her maternal side.  She listened as we discussed her medical history and the hole that existed on the other side.  It took all of six minutes.

When the information was entered and our appointment done, I was thinking about how I’d not had to have that discussion in about four years.  I almost forgot the trait information, which is important for her medical history as one day she will marry and will need to know to have her spouse tested as well.

I realized that, as we approach public school, there will be new projects–family trees, genealogy reports, genetics and biology–that will all be discussed.  I think she will do well with them, but I have to admit I’m watching her. 

Sometimes, Honeybee asks why her hair is more tightly coiled than her sister’s.  I tell her it’s because God wanted her to rock beautifully coiled hair.  She then asks if her hair is pretty too.  I always assure her that it is…not because of any style though, but because she is beautiful inside and out.

I know she is paying attention and I pray she always knows that she is loved and cherished.  I hope she never had to face self-doubt, but I promise that if she does; I will be right there.

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

Talk to you soon!


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