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Friday Favorites: Our Week At A Glance

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday.  More important than that, it’s Good Friday.  There is so much importance and power in this day, such remembrance, such humility–knowing that we weren’t and aren’t worthy at all.  This week I decided to link up with the beautiful ladies from A Little Bit of Everything, Grace and Love, and Momfessionals for Friday Favorites. Here’s my Week At A Glance.

Palm Sunday was April 14th.  I had a beautiful experience in the sanctuary.  I woke up that morning with such joy and such humility.  I was just thinking about how Jesus rode into the city knowing that the same people who were shouting accolades to Him were the same ones who would be yelling crucify Him days later.  He still chose to go forward.  He still chose to follow His Father’s will.  God truly is an amazing God.

After such a beautiful experience, I started feeling very ill.  I felt lightheaded, woozy, and generally unwell.  This went on for such a while that members of the nurse’s ministry were watching me to make sure I was okay.  I was given juice and crackers and water.  After a few more minutes, it was decided that I should go home and rest as I was starting to have contractions as well.  I really didn’t want to do that as I felt like I should have been there, but it clear that I needed the rest.  I came home and after wrestling with baby A. finally got a chance to rest myself.

Before I laid down, I took a couple of pictures of baby A. wearing her new dress from one of our favorite children’s boutique.  She looked adorable.

The next day I was feeling a bit better and went to work.  Before I went in, I stopped by the office cantina to get my watermelon fix for the morning.  When I came outside, I saw the most beautiful cloud bank showing the storm that would be showing us love later in the day.  I have to tell you, I’m a HUGE fan of storms and will pull over to the safe side of the road just to watch new clouds come in.  This was beautiful.

Honeybee and Bug are visiting my mother for Spring break, so they have been enjoying themselves nonstop.  My mom sent me a couple of pictures of them after going to the movies and visiting the park.  It’s safe to say they are truly enjoying themselves.

For my GOH heads out there, we didn’t watch the Season Finale premiere (that’s just so wrong grammatically) until the next day.  We wanted to be able to do it on our time with the ability to forward through any commercial distractions that HBO made have tried to slip in there.  It was worth the wait for certain.  A couple of days after watching the show, I came across this Instagram post and absolutely loved it!  Please note I do not have any rights to this video nor the music which is being played.
Tell me this little girl isn’t skilled! I was pretty much on a high when I received a call from the daycare that Honeybee had yet another fever.  Sigh.  I was expecting it to be a cold or another ear infection, but was truly teary eyed when she tested positive for Influenza Type A.  My poor baby.  The crazy thing she was acting so normal before her diagnosis that I never would have known anything was wrong minus the fever from that one day.
It wasn’t too long after her diagnosis that her happy demeanor started to deteriorate to cuddles from Mommy.
Poor baby :(
Today, my little one is feeling better thanks to prayers and Tamiflu.  We’ll be on quarantine until Monday, but I don’t mind.  I definitely enjoy time with her…even if she is under the weather.
Look what came in the mail yesterday!  I told you my Mom is awesome.  I was discussing double strollers with her and whether or not I was even going to put the money in one since the only places I use stollers are during few and far between.  She told me they were game changers and we discussed the kind of car seat I have.  Fast forward and this beauty arrived!!!  It’s our first baby purchase and I’m super excited that it’s hear.  For those wanting to know more information about it, this is the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller in the color Glacier.  I won’t take it out the box for a while, but I’ll make sure to review it when I do so.
Have a very happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday.  We will talk to you again soon.

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