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On our 7th Anniversary…

On our 7th Anniversary…

It’s hard to believe that we have been married for 7 years.  I thank God for you as my husband.  I thank Him for every mountain we’ve climbed, for every valley we’ve walked, for every prayer we have prayed, and for every new joy we have experienced.  I thank you for being my husband and for every step we have taken together.

Marriage Thoughts at 7 Years…
It should come as no surprise to us that our 7th anniversary falls on the same day as Easter Sunday.  God has been the staple in our relationship, in our marriage, and in our life.  Nothing we are or will ever be exists without Him.  Our lives have been something in this journey.  There have been some times when we were completely clueless.  Shoot, there are times we still don’t know what we are doing, but we are making it.  We’re moving forward.  And I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else but you.  I love you so much!

My favorite moments of Year 7.

1.   Our Anniversary Celebration for Year 6.  It was just a great time and I enjoyed spending it with my husband.
4.  Bug’s Birthday
My not so favorite moment of Year 7. 
1.  Being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression.

What’s something new I learned about S. in our marriage

1.  S.’s capacity to love is amazing.  He is constantly thinking of others.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming because the love seems to exceed even core family.  That being said, he is a man after God’s own heart and the love he shows others is the love that God shows him.  
2.  He genuinely wants every day to be a new opportunity to learn something new.  He is constantly studying and applying what he learns to every day situations.  Something as simple as Communication and conflict resolution has been applied in our marriage and I am thankful for his drive to do so.
What’s something new I learned about me in our marriage.
1. I can still be an individual while being in my marriage.
2. Not everything needs a response.  Sometimes there is something that I disagree with S. about.  I used to verbalize my frustrations until he was frustrated.  Nothing changed.  He was on his point.  I was on mine.  No, I say what I need to say and keep it moving.  We can converse but if nothing is getting accomplished, I have no problem saying that we need to come back to it later.  It keeps me sane and our marriage functioning.
3.  I prefer spending time with my husband and family than being out, but those times that I actually go out with girlfriends or solo are such a needed blessing.

Favorite date night

I think one of our more recent date nights was a favorite of mine.  We  went to a Clean Comedy Hour comedy show and I absolutely enjoyed it.  S. and I laughed most of the evening, had this delectable dessert, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  It wasn’t fancy or dressy, but just pure fun and I absolutely enjoyed it.
What I hope to see this year of marriage. 
More communication.  More spontaneous evenings of family fun.  A healthy and stress free delivery. More laughs.  Less tears.  More accomplishments.

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