2019 family Spring Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Beautiful Weather, Family Time, and the Sickness Persists

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  The weather was just amazing for us this past weekend and after the cold temps that picked at us while visiting the zoo, I was here for it!  Unfortunately, while the weather was beautiful, we were still plagued by persistent sickness. Baby A. has had a fever that keeps returning.  We know from her appointment that it is a virus that must run its course, but…ugh.  Still, there were plenty of highlights and we were able to have some cool family memories together.

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  I was able to take a brief moment and grab something to eat and the drive to and from my lunch location was fantastic.  I also felt REALLY good that day.  I was able to get up, put on some makeup and straighten the hair.  I found the cutest maternity blouse in my closet that I hadn’t had the chance to wear with baby A. and I put it on.  It was the perfect Spring outfit.
Not the best selfie, but I love how this photo looks…
Not to be outdone, my beautiful Honeybee had picture day on Friday!  The school she attends usually wears a uniform, but the students are encouraged to dress in presentable casual or dressy attire on picture day.  Honeybee chose her outfit and accessories and was posing ALL day long, I’m told.  I love it.  I want her to always be confident in herself and I pray she never loses that feeling.
Necklace:  Sparkle in Pink 

Friday afternoon, S. and Bug took advantage of the warm weather by going on a Father-Son run.  When they returned, I let an under the weather Baby A. rest with them while I took Honeybee to get her hair done (her favorite thing to do now).  I took advantage of the hair prep process and stepped away sans children to get my FREE Wawa Reward.  I’d acquired enough points for any size slurpee for FREE.  I chose a 32 ounce cherry one because honestly I’ve been craving fruit sweetness is a thing right now.  Honeys, it was amazing!!

FREE!  I love it!!

And the FREE portion made it much more so, lol.  I got my Honeybee, whose hair is so cute and GROWING (!!!) and made it back to the house.  Baby A. was up and playing when I got home, so I was hoping the virus had finally run its course.  I sat down to check email and was greeted by a flyer I knew was coming, but wasn’t necessarily expecting SO soon.

My baby will be a kindergartner in August!

PLEASE understand a blog post will be coming about all the feelings I’m experiencing about this.  I get it.  Life happens.  Children grow, but it’s been 8 years since I’ve had a kindergartner.  Things have changed and people are not as nice as they used to be. This is going to be something.

Saturday morning, I woke to make breakfast for the family and then hurry off to our churches’ social media ministry meeting.  We meet monthly to discuss the promotions and activities that need to occur for the church.  Because so many people use social media, especially the younger generation, the ministry serves as an opportunity to reach people where they are.  That’s an awesome thing.
Determining what’s appropriate for posting and sharing…

After a successful meeting, I came back home to sanitize the home.  With S.’s recent illness and baby A.’s recurring fever, I needed to do some serious Clorox and Lysoling.  I did that and joined S. and the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Baby A. felt well enough for a back ride from Daddy

Bug and Honeybee wanted to continue playing though.  (Ignore the patio stairs.  We’ll stain again soon)

After we came back inside and had Quiet Time where we all rested for a while, S. asked if I would like to see Captain Marvel with him.  Absolutely!  We’re both fans of the Marvel franchise and know that, with Avengers:  End Game rapidly approaching, we need to make sure all movies have been viewed.  Kids up, and childcare secured, he and I headed to the theatre to catch  the latest movie.

Date Night Ready

I was able to find this beautiful maternity boyfriend tee and paired it with my jean purchase from Burlington.  Comfortable and functional in this beautiful weather.  We got to the theater, sat down, and enjoyed the movie.  I have to say it wasn’t as amazing as others have raved.  I only gave it a 6.5 out of 10 while S. gave it a 6.  Still, it was a nice movie and a nice night out with my husband.  We got the kids, got home, and as the baby started sleeping…her fever came back 🙁  I gave her lots of cuddles and we watched carefully as she went to bed.  I had a feeling Sunday would see me home.

I was right.  Sunday morning, I rose early and made the family scrambled eggs, toast (or pancakes depending on the child), sausage, and something to drink.  The older kids got ready with no problem.  Baby A. made it clear that she was still under the weather. I told S. that I would stay home with her.  She ate all of her sausage, but none of her eggs.  She downed all of her water.  I knew she was ill because she LOVES her eggs.  The decision made, I cuddled with my sick one and when she went back to sleep, I started prepping for dinner.
Making Crockpot Ranch Chicken


An easy dish that should be ready when everyone comes in for dinner

While dinner was being prepped, I took advantage of the church’s live streaming and tuned in to listen to the sermon and singing.
It was a sorely needed experience and I’m thankful for the technology that allows you to still be in corporate worship, even when you can’t be there physically.
When the family made it home, we enjoyed the weather again by spending a bit of time outside before eating dinner and “resetting’ for the next day.  I was taught about resetting from another blogger and it has been a great help in terms of organizing and time management.  I’m definitely going to share a post about it soon, so stay tuned for that.
In the mean time, I hope you had an amazing weekend.  Feel free to share what you and your family did.  Have a great day!

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