#FridayFrazzle 2019 Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: It’s been a pretty cool week.

Hello everyone!  What an awesome week!  The weather hasn’t been too hot and I’ve been pretty comfortable with windows down..minus the sleeping and peeing thing.  Today, I’m linking with Momfessionals, Grace and Love Blog, and A Little Bit of Everything to share my Friday Favorites with you.  Hope you enjoy!

1.  School Clothes for Honeybee.  Guys, I couldn’t resist!  When Sparkle in Pink released pictures of their school line via email, I had to snatch a couple of outfits.  I am still hoping for the bus Capri set that I didn’t get last year since Honeybee wasn’t in school.  It was SO cute!  I’m waiting to see if I can pick it up again this year!

2.  Maternity BeltBy now, you have heard me groan about pregnancy back pain and contractions for a while now.  You’ve also seen me say over and over again that I was going to purchase a maternity belt soon.  Well, I finally did it and oh my goodness why did it take me so long!

I purchased the Jill & Joey Maternity Belt after reading a host of reviews and hit up my Amazon account to ensure quick delivery.  Two days later (not even really), it was laying on my bed waiting for me to try.  The instructions were simple and I was ready to try it out after a particularly bad day of back pain.
Guys, the relief was almost instantaneous!  Oh my!  I have worn this belt every day since then.  It’s gone under dresses and maternity jeans, maternity shirts, and camis.  It has worked amazingly well.  The first day I still experience a slight dull ache that was a hundred times better than what I dealt with before.  I adjusted the velcro strap just a bit and that ache disappeared as well.  I have been able to walk up stairs and around my office without grimacing and without pain.  BEST THING EVER!  All I have to say is why did it take me so long?!

3.  This Maternity Dress.  Oops, I did it again.  You guys know that I purchased this maternity dress from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.  It was so comfortable and I received so many compliments in it that I decided to pick up another one in one of my favorite colors, just in time for Mother’s Day!  The dress arrived yesterday and I am really looking forward to wearing it.  I promise it’s SO comfortable and it is an absolute addition to my wardrobe. 

4.  Teacher Appreciation WeekThis week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  My kids have been blessed with some great teacher this year and I really wanted to let them know they were appreciated.  But, between Bug’s teachers, baby A.’s teacher and assistants, and Honeybee’s teachers, there were quite a few gifts to get!  I did some searching and located a fantastic set on Amazon that allowed me to honor all of the kids’ teachers.  All were tickled by the cards and I was pleased they liked them.  I’m looking forward to the last day of school because I like to kind of go all out.  Since this will be Honeybee’s last year as a preschooler, I definitely want to bless her teachers with something special.  She is doing VERY well and is reading like a champ!
5.  Photo Challenge.  I love a good social media challenge.  I especially love photo challenges.  I was super psyched when I saw that Ericka and Shay created “A Photo a Day in May” challenge!  I absolutely jumped on board and have been having such a fun time with the postings.  I even have some of my friends jumping onboard.  There is still time to jump in.  The graphic is below and make sure you hashtag it up so that the ladies know you’re playing!
So, that’s been my week of Friday Favorites.  What favorites are you digging today?  

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