2019 Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Photo Bombing

Hi All!  I thought I would share our weekend with a few pictures.  It was a pretty painful weekend, but I managed to capture some cute shots that made me smile and made the weekend just that much more awesome.


1. She likes my bump. Baby A. has always been my cuddler.  She has recently decided that the baby bump is a perfect pillow for her despite my calmly removing her or laying her beside it.  I took these pictures because I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

2. Truth. Parents.com dropped this gem on their Instagram page on Saturday and it was so on time.  There are times when I am absolutely drained and I feel like the worst mom ever because two kids are crying and one is pouting.  It’s nice to be reminded that it’s okay and that even if the house isn’t spotless and the kids are a bit loud, I am STILL a good mom.


3. Church. I sang on Sunday while the littles went to Youth Church and nursery.  After church was over, we waited out the pouring rain in the fellowship hall while the girls enjoyed each other’s company.  They are such great sisters.

4. Food. I’d planned on making meatloaf and mashed potatoes with green beans, corn on the cob, and apple pie for dinner on Sunday.  But, S. asked what I was craving and I told him Chinese had been on my mind.  This wasn’t authentic, but it definitely satisfied the itch so I have no complaints.  Yummy!!!

5. GOT! After the kids were down for bedtime, S. and I grabbed our favorite comfy positions and watched the latest Game of Thrones episode.  I love DVRs lol.  So I won’t spoil for those who are still waiting to watch, all I will say is next week it’s going down!

Bonus pic:

While at Target, I saw this box of traded in car seats!  I love Target’s car seat trade in program and it’s nice to see people have been taking advantage of it.

Have a great one!!!

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