34 weeks pregnant Pregnancy #3 pregnancy update

A noticeable difference…

Hello everyone! Today, I entered into my eight month of pregnancy according to Babycenter.com. I am now 34 weeks pregnant. I have 6 more weeks of carrying this little one and things are definitely happening in there.


I’ve been having twinges and back pain all day. Nothing massively painful. If anything, it’s so faint, it’s almost my imagination. But it definitely isn’t. I watched the baby go from the top of my belly to the bottom this morning and now that it afternoon, it’s back at the top. Breathing suddenly got harder and I’ve returned to my frequent bathroom breaks. Something’s going on.

My nesting is picking up too. In my head, I need to stop by the store for some 5 gallon storage containers to label and put away things the kids can’t wear. Honeybee has dresses and pants that are sized 8. She won’t wear those for a while and I need to make space.

I need to wash and fold baby clothes, but I don’t know yet where they will go. I think I’m going to get another storage pole for baby A.’s closet and have all the bottom row for the baby while the top will remain for baby A.

I need carpets shampooed. I need the car interior detailed. I need to pack my hospital bag. I need to purchase some new underwear and maternity pads/disposable underwear. My mind seems to be in gear that I don’t have as much time as I think I do. We shall see.

Tonight, I plan on taking the kids for icecream because I really haven’t been the best mom with my fatigue levels. Saturday evening, I’m hoping to take the older children to see Aladdin. It will be a nice opportunity to get out the house and spend some time with them.

Next week will be July. I want to take a night for each child and do something with just them. It will be a while before Mommy Daughter and Mommy Son nights happen again. I want to make sure they feel loved.

So that’s all in my world right now. I hope you are having a wonderful day. I will talk to you again soon!


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