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Bump Update: 33 weeks

Bump Update: 33 weeks
DISCLAIMER: This post contains information about our pregnancy. Because I know all too well how these kinds of posts may affect my fellow #ttcsisters and #ttcbrothers, especially those experiencing loss, I include this disclaimer to forewarn you. I understand how much these posts can sting and promise to continue to add the disclaimer on any post that may be related to this pregnancy (assuming viability) so that you may have the option to bow out of reading. I understand and I am still praying for all of you.
Baby is the size of a head of celery

Hello everyone!  This week’s update is for our 33rd week. The week has been pretty good.  Last weekend the family celebrated my nephew’s first birthday.  He had a ball.  This week, the family has been taking swim lessons and just spending time together, which is always a nice time.
Week 33: 19-23 June 2019

How far along: 33 weeks
How big is baby: the size of a head of celery

Mommy’s Weight:  174 pounds.  
Gender: Unknown (Team Green)
Events of this week: OB/Gyn Appt!, Swim Lessons, Fixed A/C (just in time for the summer heatwave, Bug’s First Basketball Game of Summer League, Nephew’s Birthday Party

First game of the summer.  They didn’t win this one, but fought really hard.

Prepping for:  A Party!, Ob Appointment (1 day shy of 35 weeks), New Movies, and Family Fun

Symptoms: Back pain, Shortness of breath, Fatigue

Baby/Maternity purchases: None

Stretch marks: Yes

Belly Button: Flat
Food cravings: Icees and Strawberry Smoothies

Food aversions: Not really

Sleep: I’m so exhausted these days that I’m out as soon as I possibly can be.

Movement: Most of the day, all day.  I can coax big movements with cold beverages and sweet foods.

 Best Moment(s) of the Week:  This may sound horrible, but when the car’s A/C was repaired!

Not so great moment:  Why is pregnancy shaming a thing?

Happy or Moody:  Both

Looking forward to:  Some quiet/alone time!

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