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Last Day of School!

It’s finally here.  The last day of school for Honeybee and Bug.  Today, my Honeybee completed her last year of preschool.  She is officially a kindergartner and ready to take on the world.  Bug is an eighth grader.  Last year of middle school coming up!  Wow.  That was quick!

Honeybee’s last week of school culminated in Spirit Week.  She was able to wear play clothes instead of her uniform and enjoyed doing so very much.  She had a Sports Day, where she rocked her Chicago Bears jersey (BEAR DOWN!).  She had Wacky Wednesday which was a hodgepodge of craziness that she managed to pull off like a runway model (the girl is just gifted lol).  Yesterday was pajama day where she wore her cute pink PJs.  Today, in honor of Flag Day, she wore her red, white, and blue dress with silver shoes.  She’s had a blast this year and is so ready for kindergarten.

I found out recently that the principal of the school she will be attending will be transferred to a new school this year.  I HATE that.  She’s been there forever and had a magnificent rapport with Bug and our family while he was there.  That school ran as well as it did in no small part to her dedication.  I’ve not met the new principal but wait anxiously for the opportunity to do so.

Bug’s last week has been a collection of final exams and papers.  Everything has been turned in and we await final grades and any additional decisions that need to be made.  He is in that typical preteen/teen nonchalance, so it appears that he isn’t excited about eighth grade, but I know that he is.

Now, we’re gearing up and planning summer activities/bucket lists.  I won’t be able to do but so much with this belly, but I’m going to try and make summer interesting for the kids.  They really do deserve a fun summer.

Here’s hoping you have the same!  Happy Last Day of School!


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