Vent: It’s NOT Laziness, It’s Anemia!!!

This weekend I had the unfortunate experience of being called lazy.  It may have been because Saturday I couldn’t wake up.  I felt nauseous and weak and jittery.  I slept all day.  No exaggeration.  I slept from 2AM to 5PM.  I got up twice to use the bathroom and went right back to sleep.  My energy levels were nonexistent.  When I finally woke up, you would think I was refreshed.  No.  I was still drained.  I know I’m anemic.  I have been taking supplements, but I don’t think they are helping.

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I missed graduation parties, swim lessons, and Father’s Day dinner for my FIL this weekend.  Today, as I sit here, I am so tired I could barely walk in the door.  I called the doctor’s office and told them what’s going on.  I’m supposed to see them in three days.  I told them I can’t wait.  Something needs to be done.

While I have always dealt with anemic at some point in my life, the fact that this weekend was the weekend chosen to call me lazy because I didn’t do something that could have easily been done in my absence was disappointing and hurtful.

I am many things.  Lazy isn’t one of them.  This is one of the reasons I chose to suffer in silence for a lot of things involving my pregnancy.  Those who should show empathy seem to be incapable of it because they aren’t experiencing it themselves.  I need support right now, not criticism.


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