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Birthday Recap: Life is Fine at 39

Birthday Recap:  Life is Fine at 39

Hi Guys!  I recently celebrated my 39th birthday and I enjoyed myself so much.  I know that ideally I’m supposed to post tons of photos, but I didn’t take a single one really.  I just wanted a day to be in the moment and that’s exactly what I received.  I told my husband and the children that since the heat index was to be 115 degrees that day (OH MY GOSH!), I was perfectly happy with someone picking up Bonefish Grill after church and bringing it to me to eat home.  Of course, the kids and S. wouldn’t let that fly.

We made it to church that morning and I was experiencing BHs, which weren’t unexpected in the heat.  Church transitioned from Sunday School to service and shortly after sitting, Bug came in and told me that we had to go.  That was odd as we don’t leave church.  It’s our favorite place to be on Sundays.  I followed Bug and got into the car with him, S., and the rest of the kids and we drove to one of the shopping centers in town.

We got out and S. walked the kids and I to Escape Day Spa and Salon.  When I walked into the salon, he handed me a card, told me to enjoy my birthday, and took the kids with him somewhere.  I rarely pamper myself, so I had no idea what to expect.  It turns out my husband in his kindness, booked a mani/pedi session, a Swedish massage, eyebrow shaping, and facial complete with fruit and beverages.  Guys, it was amazing.  My attendant was kind and sweet and attentive.  The massage helped relieve a lot of stress and pain from carrying the baby and the mani/pedi combo was wonderful.  I’ve never had a facial guys.  It was fantastic and my skin seems to be glowing even days later.  I was so relaxed when it was over and was glad to see my husband when I left the spa.

We went home and then a couple of hours later, S. directed me to make sure I and the girls were ready to go out.  I had no idea where we were going and was perfectly fine with resting at home, but I am so glad I listened.  We drove to one of the local Bonefish Grills (a favorite of mine on my birthday) and were greeted with my father in law, brother in laws, sister in laws, and significant others in the family.  It was such a nice surprise.  We ate, laughed, and had an very enjoyable time.  It was a wonderful birthday and I wasn’t expecting any of it.

I was more than a little grateful for the love shown to me.  When we finally made it home, I was content to rest on the couch (the most comfortable place for my back), when S. called my name and the kids started singing ‘Happy Birthday’.  They’d walked in with a beautiful birthday cake and gifts.  I was so thankful.  God really is a good God.

Bug got me a beautiful sterling necklace.  The girls got me earrings.  S., in addition to the spa day, got me flowers.  I love my family.

39 was a beautiful and amazing day.  I’m so thankful for it and I can’t wait to see what God has for me in it!

Talk to you all soon.

39 looks amazing

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