maternity leave

The End of Maternity Leave

Well, it’s arrived.  After eight beautiful weeks with my son, it’s time to return to the office.  I wish I could say that I was excited to return.  Truth be told, I’m going to miss sitting in the family room with him in my arms while I stare at his little chest rising.  I’m going to miss the time spent at home with just he and I..our time…our bonding.  Unfortunately, bills still need to be paid, so back to the office I go.

So far, I’ve managed to create a pseudo schedule that has the family up and out the house in time to make it to our various destinations.  We’ll test this week to see how well it works.  I wish the U.S. operated as other countries with additional leave, but it’s okay.  I’m 15 minutes from all of the kids at any given time, so if something happens I am there.

So, tonight I pack diaper bags.  I pack lunches.  I pack laptop bags.  I lay out clothes for everyone.  I prep for tomorrow knowing that I’ll be thankful for a job and for contribution to society.  But I’ll definitely miss being able to come back home after dropping little A. off and sitting here with the baby.

I’ll be in touch.


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