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A Weekend to ‘Remember’: Top 5

Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! We certainly enjoyed ourselves. The family participated in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s ™ and S. and I got to enjoy our first date night since baby J. was born. We also had a great service at church on Sunday.

You know our family has participated in this event many times. I’ve shared about it here and here. This year was no exception as we loaded up the vehicles and met at the walk site to join countless others in the bid for a cure. It was a wonderful walk, gorgeous weather, and a lot of fun.

Another walk in the books!

Nothing like a clean and healthy head of hair
After the walk was over, I had to get my hair washed and straightened. I haven’t had it properly touched since July and I was looking forward to some TLC. I didn’t want anything drastic as I was short on time, but I wanted it clean as I’m planning to get braids or cornrows done in a few weeks.
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S. is a huge fan of all things illusionist and comedic. I gifted him with tickets to America’s Got Talent 2018 winner, Shin Lim’s magic show in DC. It was our first time for a date night since J was born and I wanted to be comfortable. Bug said he liked the outfit and took a few pictures of me before we left. Shortly after, we took a ride to the location and had a really nice evening.
What an enjoyable evening!
Yep, I love me some him.
My little A.
We woke up Sunday morning to a lot of rain.  I wasn’t complaining because we definitely needed it.  The meteorologists were all saying how severe the drought was and how much we needed a re-up.  We definitely got it on Sunday.  In addition to the rain, it was very misty.  So as soon as I stepped outside my door, my hair went from sleek and sultry to sleek-ish and thick.  😅 That’s okay though.  I love my natural hair and expected as much.  I made it inside with baby J. and the kids and got into place to sing.  
The baby whisperer

It was my first time singing with our praise and worship team since August.  I was so glad to be back.  There is something so absolutely amazing and wonderful about singing God’s praises in His sanctuary.  I had a lot to be thankful for and a lot I wanted to praise Him for.  It was such a blessing to be in the house!
My very great sister-friend grabbed the babies for me while I sang and baby J. knocked out quickly.  I promise my sister-friend is the baby whisperer.  Even though J. is a very chill baby, R. has put all my babies to sleep whenever she is with them.  It has to be her kind and sweet spirit!
Our Pastor spoke on the wounded worshipper and spoke of how Hannah was so sad and heartbroken when she was unable to conceive.  She prayed from her heart outside the temple and though her lips were moving, no sound came out.  She was actually accused of being drunk!  She corrected that assumption, received God’s blessing, and gave birth to the child she so strongly desired.  That resonated with me so much.  I remember being like Hannah–begging God to be able to conceive, wondering what I’d done to not receive another child.  We went through heck and high water for our family, but God was there in the midst of it all. I am so thankful!
After church was over, S., Bee, and Bug went with my father in love to lunch while I went home to rest (or attempt to).  Young Master J. decided he wanted me to hold him, but not sleep.  I was perfectly okay with that.  Sometimes, you just want to hold your little one.
While the crew was out and doing great things, I decided I would take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, get a gentle breeze, and search for outfits for S. and I.  He and I have been invited to a Fun Fest event where attire is costumed.  I’ve been peering at quite a few outfits and think I have it narrowed down as to what we are wearing.  I’m posting the runner-ups below and will show the winners when we post our next recap.  In the mean time, I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and we will see you all soon!


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