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Games and Thrones: Weekend Recap

This weekend was such an enjoyable time.  I was able to attend both soccer games for the kids because they were both on the same side of the county!  Yay!  The kids got to see a great show. My mother came down for a brief visit and S. and I were able to attend a costume party.  Let’s get you to the update.

The kids were afforded a wonderful opportunity to attend a Maleficient 2 screening on Friday.  I picked each of the kids up from school earlier than usual, braved the DC traffic, and got them to the location with time to spare.  The movie was really good and I LOVED the diversity and inclusion in the movie.  It was wonderful to see and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  I did as well.
Let’s go, Blue!

Honeybee played an awesome game this weekend. She assisted in making goals and actually looked like she knew what she was doing. Her team as well. It’s hard to believe they are only five years old because they really did a great job! The entire family was there to cheer her on. After her game ended, I loaded up Honeybee, J, and little A. into the car to drive down the road a piece for Bug’s game. He and S. left a bit early to ensure Bug was there on time.

It was a hard fought game, Bug played great defense.  He hustled and worked hard with his team mates.  Unfortunately, the other team proved a bit more than they could handle and Bug’s team didn’t win.  Still, I was so very proud of the tenacity and camaraderie that was shown.  There are two more games left and I’m hoping they go down fighting!
Supporting Bug on the field
Let’s Go, White!
I wear this every week now.
At the beginning of soccer season, I had the above and below shirts requested by a very talented friend.  She owns a small business and has done shirts, birthday outfits, and novelty items for the family for years.  I asked if she could make the pictured shirts and she absolutely did!  Both the kids loved Mom and Dad rocking their soccer support, and a few soccer parents loved it as well!  If you are ever in the neighborhood for quality gear, feel free to check her out at MinaCr8s.

S. wore this for the first time this weekend.  He looked really nice in it!
My beautiful Mommy
After the games, S. and Bug went to pick up something to eat for the family while the other kids and I headed to the house to greet this beautiful lady.  My mommy came to visit!  How awesome it was just to be in her presence.  I love my mommy!  She is so wonderful and she is such a blessing!  She agreed to keep the kids company while S. and I went out Saturday night.  I really appreciate that because she certainly didn’t have to do that at all.
Channeling my inner queen

Look familiar?
My darling husband and I attended a costume party on Saturday night.  Now, for those of you that know me, this is a huge thing.  I’m an introvert, so I was on level 7 for discomfort, but it really was an enjoyable time.  The costumes were a hit.  The weather was phenomenal.  The best part?  It took us less than a minute to get home!  Glad to have stepped out of my comfort zone.
Bonus!!!  Sunday was my favorite day!  A day of worship!  I made it to the early morning church service and into the choir loft.  Unfortunately, my voice didn’t do the same.  I’m an alto usually, but my voice was completely gone–like high pitched squeal gone.  I was able to drop down to tenor and get notes out there, so that’s where I sang and praised!  It was such a blessing and I really enjoyed myself.
Great sermons were preached.  Great fellowship was had. [And] The rain that was pouring down outside (POURING) didn’t dampen spirits at all.  What a beautiful and blessed ending.
After I came home, I rested with baby J. while the S. and the other children attended a birthday party for Honeybee’s friend.  When they came back, we feasted on meatball subs and chips before everyone called it a night.  The perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
Hope you had a blessed weekend as well.  

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