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Hello!  November has finally arrived.  We are finally in a month of pure gratitude.  I’m so thankful for this month and all that we get to experience in it.  The kids are completing their soccer season, which means we will have family time without having to run around to multiple locations.  I’m planning a huge Mommy/Son weekend with Bug.  It’s also time to prep for new adventures.  I can’t wait to share.

National Adoption Month.  As we have done in years past, this month will include activities that honor our Honeybee and her adoption journey.  We have been reading one of her favorite books, How Was I Adopted by Joanna Cole.  The story in the book is very similar to the story of Honeybee’s adoption and opens the door to great conversations about adoption and birth parents. 

A Mommy/Son Weekend Every year my alma mater and our rival, North Carolina Central University, compete in a winner takes all football classic  It’s a serious game where seas of burgundy and gray clash against waves of blue and gold.  This year, I plan to take Bug and baby J.  Bug will go with me because he is 13 and is at the perfect age to be exposed to colleges.  I want him to see the campus up close and personal and hope to sway him to this particular university one day.  

As several of my friends from college still remain in the town or will be in town for the game, and as some of my family members will also be attending the game, I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone.  Tickets have been purchased and reservations have been made.  I hope this is an awesome game…and that it isn’t too cold when we go.

Date Night Returns.  This month, S. and I will enjoy date night and return to one of our favorite locations.  It’s the Clean Comedy Tour.  We’ve gone a couple of times and have really enjoyed ourselves each time we’ve gone.  The setting is intimate.  The food is good and we have a good time.  I’m looking forward to this one.

Let’s Try It AgainLast year, I failed miserably at the 20 day mental wellness challenge.  I want to try it again.  Let’s see if we are actually able to succeed this time.  Day one asks that I go to bed an hour earlier.  Bet!  It’s Friday! Let’s see if I can knock that out!  Feel free to join me and record your progress.

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Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to sitting down with friends and family for Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for including the birth of our son. I’m hoping to share amazing food and wonderful memories for the holiday.  Make sure you come back for the Thanksgiving recap!

That’s most of what’s on our agenda!  There are some other family fun opportunities that I’ll be share, but until then…enjoy your November! Talk to you soon!


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