2019 family time Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Memories Top 5

Hello! What a fun and awesome weekend spent with people whom I absolutely love. It’s funny how unexpected changes can still be great opportunities for fun. Bug, J., and I were supposed to visit my alma mater to attend the #AggieEagle classic in Greensboro, NC. The rivalry between North Carolina Central University and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is legendary. I was looking forward to taking Bug and having a Mommy-Son weekend with him. Unfortunately a few days before the game, the weather was forecast to be all day rain. This would not be a good thing with a 3 month old baby in tow. So, I made the decision to cancel our plans for the game. It worked out though! We were still able to have an awesome time with family.

Frozen 2. We were blessed to be able to see Frozen 2 with the entire family on Friday night. The kids were super excited, especially the girls. As the location where we viewed the movie was more private than your traditional theater, we were able to bring baby J. as well. He slept the entire time! The movie was really an enjoyable event. The girls now have a new “Let it Go” to sing and we have the coolest memories of everyone laughing at movie scenes.

In our seats ready for Frozen 2!

Happy Birthday! A dear friend of our family celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday evening. It was a surprise party for her and she was so tickled pink. Her husband and children did an amazing job. The party was spread over two days and featured black and gold décor and the yummiest food. Plus the DJ was fantastic. I danced ALL night long to music from every era 70s and up. It was such a fun time. My legs didn’t love me the next morning, but I promise it was SO worth it!

The Photo Shoot. I’d dressed the kids very cutely in some Fall/Winter holiday attire and realized that it would make perfect pictures for the annual Christmas card. I had S. and the kids gather around while we took Christmas photos and we had a ball trying to do shots. After all of the pictures were completed, I did some editing and prepped them for the new Christmas cards. I can’t wait to share them with you! 

Here’s a sneak peek.  We can’t wait to show you this year’s Christmas card!
As usual, Honeybee was all on for the poses. I don’t know who taught that girl to pose, but she gets it lol. She’s going to be a serious threat when she’s older. Nope, not because of looks. That girl has intelligence to back it up.

That score!?  So, remember the Aggie-EagleClassic I mentioned above. Well, Aggies beat Eagles despite the pouring rain. And when I say they beat them….man….they really beat them.

Aggie Pride!!!
Nerf Wars.  The kids decided the perfect way to end the weekend was with a Nerf fight.  It’s been something of an ongoing battle between the family.  There are a host of Nerf or Nerf related gear scattered throughout the home.  Randomly, we will find ourselves engaged in high battle complete with flips and turns.  This weekend, Bug and Honeybee decided to have one of their own.  I absolutely love when they compete.
Nerf Wars!
Your bonus pic
I promise he is so adorable!

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