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Friday Favorites: My Favorite Things 2019

Oh my goodness!  Can you believe it? The year is almost done!  That happened way too quickly!  But I’m not complaining.  It’s been a great year and I am looking forward to 2020.  I’ll talk about that later.  Right now, I want to share some of my favorite things from 2019.  I have a TON of new favorite things, but I’ll limit them to just a few joy-filled categories!


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1.  High-Waisted Balanced Yoga Workout Leggings.  Oh my goodness.  I was given a pair of these pants by a great girlfriend.  It took a while for me to try on and I was hooked when I finally did!  These are awesome!  They are so comfortable.  They feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, but provide more than enough covering.  Not only that, but I’ve worn them as loungers around the house and as a Fall outfit accessory.  Old Navy currently has a sale on these.  They usually run $30, but for now they are $15.  I don’t know how long they’ll last, so snatch yours up!

2.  Christian Apparel from Love and Joy Apparel.  I stumbled on this site by accident when I was scrolling through Facebook one day and saw “Faith does not make things easy.  It makes them possible”.  Yep.  Needed that in my life and I’ve been hooked every since.  What also makes this shop worth the visit is their community and Kingdom building commitment.  Forty Percent (40%) of net profit from online sales are donated to ministries and outreach programs.  That’s phenomenal.

3. Baby Oilogic Stuffy Nose and Cough Essential Oil Roll-On.  Recently a series of colds ran through our home and everyone except S. caught some measure of it.  Baby J.’s progressed to a mild case of RSV.  A four month old is extremely limited to what he can take to ease coughs and stuffy noses.  This was in a gift basket given to me by a friend.  I promise it is my new favorite thing.   The roll on is a concentrated blend of Lavandin, Orange, Fir Needle, Eucalyptus, and Cypress Oils.  You roll it on the neck and bottom of the feet of baby and watch as it works.  It smells amazing and actually works!  I highly recommend.

4.  Nyx makeup.  I am SUCH a fan of this makeup.  I was introduced to it during a Women’s Ministry Lock-in.  One of the beautiful young ladies there took the time to use me as their canvas and created beautiful art work on my face.  I’m not a huge wearer of make-up, but I was sold on this.  Since that time, I have worn the concealer, lip color, and the Matte Finish.  These products give me a beautiful, long-lasting, and naturally put together look.

Love this look

5.  God’s Glory Box.  You know how Facebook and Instagram are always shoving ads at you based on clicks and conversations?  (I promise I’m blocking mic and upping privacy but these things still get through).  Well, one day I was scrolling along my timeline and saw an advertisement for God’s Glory Box.  It’s a monthly subscription box for Christians.  Each month, a specially curated box featuring Christian artifacts like attire, jewelry, books, crafts, etc. is delivered to a subscriber.  For every box purchased, five meals are donated and shipped to Feeding America.org!  So not only are you being feed spiritually, but you get to assist in the physical feeding of someone else in need.  You know I’m all about companies like that.  Subscription plans are one, three, six, and twelve months.  Right now if you order a 12-month subscription plan and then email admin@godsglorybox.com to let them know about your order, you can send a six-month subscription to someone else for FREE!

6.  Seasonal Treats.  One of the things I absolutely LOVE about this time of year is seasonal treats.  You know those yummy items that grace menus only during special seasons.  I have a couple of really delicious favorites that have shown up just in time for the holidays.

Chick-Fil-A Peppermint Chocolate Milkshake

Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnuts

Starbucks Holiday Drinks

7.  Festive in ALL places.  When people say Deck the Halls, they really mean deck the halls lol.  I recently came across these lovelies via @targetfanatic on Instagram.  She finds Target’s coolest things at the greatest deals and shares them with the world.  These two items happen to be favorites of mine.  I love the idea of the kids getting involved with the decorating and coloring of the gifts.  Isn’t that just adorable for gift wrapping?

Honeybee will love this

As for the next find, I haven’t decided yet if I will use it or not.  I just like the idea of it being in the house lol. Her caption says it all.

What favorites are you loving this year?

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