Christmas Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Top 6

Hi everyone! Here’s hoping you had a wonderful weekend. It was certainly a mixed bag for us. We went from having fun while Christmas shopping to having one very uncomfortable four-month-old who couldn’t sleep. I’m sharing those and a few other things in this Weekend’s Recap.



Shocking News. While getting the kids ready for school on Friday morning, I was saddened when the show was interrupted by the breaking news of the Naval Air Station Pensacola shooting. I immediately thought of friends and family members serving and those who live in and around the area. After I dropped the kids off to bus stop and daycare, I came home to watch any follow-up coverage. It wasn’t until later that I discovered those killed were young men and their assailant someone they trusted. You can read more about it here, but I don’t want to draw it out on this recap. I do want to say that I found immense comfort in the verses shown and am praying for all involved in this weekend’s tragedy. 



Social Media Challenge. In the beginning of December, I started the December photo challenge and a very good girlfriend decided to join in with me! (I love her!) It’s been a fun few days of sharing my December world. Friday, my first package of Christmas gifts arrived! (Yes, I know I’m late). I obviously can’t tell you what it is because family likes to read this site, but I’m very excited about giving this gift. It’s something I think will be a blessing for a long time. Check out my Instagram page for how I’ve been doing with the challenge. It’s not too late to join in either. Here’s a photo of the challenge. 
Game Night. It’s been such a long time since the family was able to just sit down for a fun game night. Friday night, Bug, Honeybee, and I sat down for a couple of competitive bouts of Candyland and Sorry!. I have to tell you, we had a ball. The kids are seriously competitive about their board games and I couldn’t stop laughing at their antics. I was able to capture one blurry photo because they were just that animated about their game. Lol, I love my kids.


Sibling Shopping. Saturday was one of my favorite days of the holiday season—Sibling gift purchase. This is the day I take the kids and they go off in their separate areas to purchase Christmas gifts for each other. This year I gave them a $20 limit (with some flex) to purchase a gift for all three of their siblings. Like last year, it was adorable. Honeybee spent such time combing the aisles for the perfect gifts. She was so serious about it, as was her older brother for her. I love how much those kids love each other even when they are squabbling.


Christmas Seasons. The kids sang at church this weekend and were adorned in Christmas finery aka Christmas sweaters. I was looking for cute Christmas sweaters and found ugly Christmas sweaters instead lol. Those will come in handy for an upcoming event that I will be attending, but did nothing for what I needed at the moment. Fortunately, I was able to find a Christmas hoodie that Bug was more than happy to wear. Man, he’s growing up!

We finished our weekend with pizza and football. It was low key and perfect and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Now this week, on the other hand, is super busy. I can’t wait to bring a recap of that for you soon! Love you guys and talk to you soon!


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