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Friday Faves!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had an awesome week.  Mine has been ridiculously productive in the office and very chaotic at home.  We call it “Frazzled” for a reason.  Today, I’m linking with Andrea from Momfessionals for my Friday Favorites.

I kicked off 2020 with the mantra “#Motivation2020.  It’s basically been my driving force to get some of these goals off the board and into reality. I decided that I had quite a few goals for the new year including coming developing a deeper bond with Jesus. I’ve been doing some new Bible plans via the Bible app and upping my devotion time.  I have to say it’s been a great help.
After reading several devotions and posts, I decided that I was going to go back to something I’d forgotten in the craziness of motherhood and wife.  I decided to spend purposeful morning time with God in order to start my day.  What an impact!  Better days.  More productivity.  More sanity.  You have to love that!  At least my social media does.  Look at my new FAVORITE graphic tee.
I was just minding my own business, scrolling through an IG feed after reading my Word and this shirt popped up!  Ironically enough, I was listening to one of my FAVORITE Praise songs with the EXACT same words.  

I do not own the rights to this video.
I call it confirmation and have already made my way to the ordering block. This will be a beauty come warmer weather.  Speaking of confirmation,  Marriage365, one of my FAVORITE marriage ministries shared this little gem with me via its social media page and I thought it went so far beyond ‘just marriage’.
Since I prayed my prayer to God during the New Year asking for clarity in direction and guidance toward my purpose, God has truly been moving me in that direction.  That’s great but I am as uncomfortable as I could ever think to be.  Still, I’m thankful to be moved from comfort zones into unknown spaces as I trust God to provide the answers. It hasn’t been an easy process. 
I recognize that I kind of fell into the realm of Grumpy Mommy and I hate it.  I read a devotional bible plan of the same name and thoroughly enjoyed it, as there were plenty of relatable nuggets for myself.  I havent purchased the book from which the plan is based, but I certainly plan to.
On Wednesday evening, I received an email from Honeybee’s teacher cautioning us to be on the lookout for flu.  One of the kinder classes only had 3 out of 16 students show up to class.  The rest were confirmed home sick with the flu!  Oh wow!  Her teacher asked if any of the parents would be willing to donate Lysol wipes and since I’m a huge fan of our Amazon Subscribe and Save, I wa more than willing to share my FAVORITE sick repellant!
Unfortunately, my best laid plans failed me at home when Little A. picked up the stomach bug that S. and I had a couple of weeks ago.  Trust.  We put the Lysol wipes AND spray to good use.
Here’s hoping your Friday is amazing!  Have a fantastic day and an an awesome weekend!

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