#FridayFrazzle 2020 Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: January Recap

Hello everyone!  Here we are at the last Friday of the month.  I decided to link up with Grace and Love, Momfessionals and a Little Bit of Everything gain to share my January recap with our visitors.

We started 2020 off with a bang…and a whimper. My brother in love hosted a lovely New Year’s Eve gathering at his home. Unfortunately, I was in the bathroom for most of it as I’d contracted some nasty little bug. Still it was nice to be around family and to celebrate the new year when the countdown occurred.

Photo cred: Google Search

Hello January check-in allowed me to write my dreams and desires using the prompt from Marriage 365.

I really enjoyed this little prompt and hope they continue it throughout the year.  It really helps one to set the tone.

The goal I’d set for registering for class has been fulfilled.  Prayerfully, I’ll be starting classes soon.  Unfortunately, full transparency lets me share that I wasn’t as successful in my “speak less and listen more” endeavor.  I’m definitely trying that one again.

Baby J. turned 5 months and developed not just one, but two teeth.  He rolled over for the first time with consistency yesterday and has shown interest in trying to scoot.  We’re about to introduce him to baby food in earnest very soon.

We took a couple of videos that made us smile this month.  The snow is certainly my favorite.

Marriage365 once again gave me confirmation that what I was doing by trusting God with everything and no longer timidly holding back is exactly what Christ requires.  Love that ministry.
Thanks for letting me share!

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