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Weekend Recap: 38 Can’t Wait

Weekend Recap:  38 Can’t Wait

Hi everyone!  This weekend was pretty great, if I do say so myself.  It was a weekend full of celebration and I definitely can’t wait to share.

A few weeks ago, I decided to do more than a traditional core family dinner for S.’s 38th birthday.  I was thinking about something new, out of the ordinary, that allowed people to be competitive, and wouldn’t damage the pockets.  As luck would have it, while doing some social media edits on Facebook, I saw an advertisement for a local ax throwing location and decided to message them a few questions.  They responded quickly, put my fears at ease (I mean it is ax throwing), and had some great rates.  I checked out the reviews, liked what I saw, and an idea was born.
It was so much fun!  But harder than it looked LOL

I drafted a cute invite on Evite.com and sent it to S.’s siblings and their spouses/girlfriends, and a few friends and neighbors.  The hardest part, of course, is not being able to invite everyone.  (But I’m doing that for the 40th just watch).  RSVPs were provided and I made the reservation for our merry band of of ax hands.

Checking if it really was a bullseye
It was definitely different!  The location is really off the beaten path.  I’m sure the guests were a bit concerned.  When we arrived, the place was actually very packed.  The facility was running behind on reservations by about 20 minutes, but we were fine with that.  We just shot the breeze, received our safety briefing outside, and pretty soon we were throwing axes!
Just observing the action
It is so not as easy as it looks, but we all managed to make a few good points on the board.  We played a few games–boys v. girls, individuals, first to 50.  And then it was time to go, but not before a photo finish!
So much fun!
After our axe throwing adventure, we took a trek to a local restaurant that I’d been to before, but S. and a few of our guests had never tried.  After a bit of a snafu about seating, we were able to sit down and enjoy an AMAZING meal.  I promise I love their food every time I go.  I ordered the seafood pasta and their scallops are the best prepared in quite some time.
An amazing seafood pasta

Those weren’t the only meals that were worthy of mentioning, either.

Kobe beef meatloaf
Several in the party raved about the ribs.

After dinner, the restaurant staff was kind enough to bring out a cake that I’d carried in when we arrived.  We sang happy birthday to S., enjoyed the cake, and finished with expressions of gratitude for everyone coming out.

Happy Birthday, sweetness.
Afterwards, everyone said their farewells and we called it an evening.  I’m so pleased to have been able to celebrate S.  His actual birthday isn’t until this week, but I am SO thankful to celebrate him–even early.
Thanks for reading.

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