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Weekend Recap: Celebrations and Memories

It’s Monday! Happy Monday everyone. I hope your weekend was really fun and really wonderful. This weekend was filled with love and celebrations and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What an absolute joy it was to be in the presence of these beautiful ladies.
Friday evening, I and a bunch of beautifully hearted sisters celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary and impending vow renewal of a dear family friend.
All the ladies were given this festive bling.  A. and Honeybee promptly divested me of it upon my return home.
This woman sang at our wedding and it only made sense to love on her as she celebrated 25 years with her spouse, whom I also love very much.  
Not her husband, but another great gentleman.  They both sang at our wedding and we are forever grateful to them.

Saturday, I was going to take the kids to the 7th Annual Kids Expo in our area, but decided instead to just rest and chill at home. It was awesome.  We sat around, talked and laughed, joked with one another, and then had some much needed quiet time.  We all knew later that later we would be celebrating my father in love’s birthday with the family.  He will be another year wiser this week!  I didn’t get any pictures, though my BIL caught the birthday sing along video.  I wish it’d come out less pixelated.  I think you would have enjoyed it.  It was such a joy to spend time with him and celebrate him. He really is a great blessing.

Sunday, we had a fantastic worship service. There was a guest preacher who spoke on the process in the valley. He came out of Psalms 23 and broke that thing down like no one’s business. I particularly liked the explanation of the still waters.
 I’m a country farm girl so I knew about leading the livestock to drinking areas that were still and not churned so as not to risk the lives of the livestock. The guest preacher explained it further and discussed the peace that can come with you in the valley (trying times of your life). It was a beautiful message.
Pictures just don’t do it justice…

After service, church was transformed into a beautiful wedding backdrop and the church family witnessed the nuptials of our dear friends surrounded by their children. Let me tell you, God is GOOD. They exchanged their own vows and the entire event was beautiful. I love their love!


Before that beautiful event occurred, I was able to sit down with the kids and chat. Honeybee decided she wanted to sit with S. while I chatted with little A. and Bug. When I tell you my children are growing up, I mean it! It was so fun picking Bug’s brain about life and subjects in general. He is going to be a great man one day. I’m so proud of him.

Back at home, Honeybee and I worked on her kindergarten special project. She had to use the cut out heart to describe her family and what makes it special. We took a bunch of pictures from one of our old family calendar, focused on my MIL, FIL, and my mother along with their children, and finally our core family. It came out beautifully. It’s going to hang on the wall of her classroom hall, but when they are done, I’m definitely keeping that one in her Kinder year folder.

It was a fantastic weekend and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Have an awesome Monday!

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