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What’s Up Wednesday

Oh my goodness! It’s the last Wednesday of the month! I’m sorry, but that FLEW! March is pretty much here. I’m so ready for Spring. Today I’m linking up with @Shaeffer Told Me To and Mix and Match Mama for What’s Up Wednesday. It’s only my second one and I’m so excited to join the party. So, here we go!

What We’re Eating This Week: Cake! No, seriously. It’s been a cake week. S.’s birthday was yesterday and Honeybee’s is today. They don’t like to share birthday cakes, so S. received one yesterday and Honeybee received cupcakes today. S. received a cake on Saturday during his party. Honeybee will receive cupcakes tonight for a Bible Study party, and cake pops for a gift. Sugar high, anyone?

The cutest cupcakes ever from our friend Sweet D Treats

What I’m Reminiscing About: Being sick to my absolute gills six years ago today after celebrating S.’s birthday with family and receiving food poisoning. Fast forward to that Friday and we received notice there was a match for our Honeybee and here we are. I like to say God was letting me have labor pains without the pregnancy (until the last babe anyway lol).

Six years ago and we had no idea of the surpise in store for us.

What I’m Loving: I’m Loving the cute Birthday cards the kids made for S. and the thoughtful gifts. My kids really are awesome.

What We’ve Been Up To: Did you catch our Axe Throwing Adventure? It was so much fun. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was a great weekend and a wonderful memory and people have already asked if we can go back.

What I’m Dreading: No Dreading. Just not really excited about it. I’m heading out of town on a business trip. I’ll be gone for four days and this is the first time I’ve been on a trip since J has been born. I am hoping everything here goes nice and smooth, but I’m going to miss everyone…a lot.

What I’m Excited About: The Musical! I get back Thursday evening. Friday and Saturday, I’ll see my Bug perform in the play. He’s been working so hard and I really want to be there to celebrate him. SO PROUD OF HIM!

I’m also excited that Black Summer is supposed to be returning on Netflix. I am SO looking forward to what happens this season. I just hate that now that I’ve found the show, I can’t binge it and have to wait weeks instead. Sigh lol.

What I’m Watching/Reading: I finished my book series, but it wasn’t Bobby Adair (gasp). Somehow Kindle gave me a different book to start off with and I got caught up in the characters, so I had to see how it ended. I was satisfied, but kind of empty over the pretty wrapped bow ending. I feel like a real-life scenario wouldn’t happen that way.

I’m also still reading my Bible Plans. I haven’t started on The Proverbial Girl yet, but it’s in my library waiting to crack open and I’m hoping to do so while on business travel.

What I’m Listening To: Alexa has been playing Modern Gospel for me every morning. There is also white noise played at night. Nothing fancy, but it certainly keeps me sound asleep.

What I’m Doing This Weekend: Prepwork!

I have to get my hair done on Saturday. I also have a church stewardship meeting to attend. Sunday, we are singing. I come home after that to make sure all of the younger kids’ outfits are chosen and prepped for the next week. I also have to make sure their lunches are available to be made. It’s only four days, but a lot has to happen next week. It’s Tech Week for Bug, so he’s practicing late into the evenings. There is still Bible Study and Choir Rehearsal for the littles. It’s going to be a crazy week, but I think S. and I will have it on lock as long as we continue to be the best team we can be.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month: Spring. I need some warmer temperatures in my life.

I’m also looking forward to surprising the girls with Mommy Daughter time and to visiting NC to meet with the family. Spring Break is coming and I’m looking forward to that for the kids as my mom has agreed to take the older ones if we’d like.

What Else is New: School Starts SOON! Yay!!!

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