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Spring Break Staycation

Our kids start Spring Break next week and are super excited to be home and resting for a while. Originally, there was discussion in the house of letting the older children visit my mother in New Jersey for a fun and activity-filled adventure there. Then, COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) started making the headlines. At first it was a trickle here, a person there. Then, this week, two persons tested positive within a twenty-mile radius of us and outside the elder and immune-suppressed at-risk groups typically reported. The schools here have started ramping up plans for distance learning, but so far, the plan is to return after break is over. Add to that the close proximity of a rather populated outbreak just one state over and we decided better safe than sorry. So, our children will be enjoying a Spring Break staycation. But here’s the question. Just what do you do with a 13 and 6-year-old who are home from school all week long?

1. Indoor Camping. You all know our family does an Annual Indoor Camping night every Christmas complete with S’mores and sleeping bags. This time, I decided that we would do a Spring version. We’re making camp snacks, camp recipes, reading books, and telling stories. It’s a fun way to get all engaged.

2. Craft Time. Honeybee received such a nice gift on her birthday from her grandparents. It’s a friendship bracelet set and lets her make that and other kids of jewelry. I plan on having a craft kit day where we make jewelry, keychains, sand art, craft painting, and suncatchers. (Check out these really nice craft kits from Michael’s.  No kickbacks.  I just think they are cute).

3. Game Night. I plan on bringing out the Xbox for this one. We’re going to have the Spring Olympics a la Frazzled style. There’s a great soccer and track and field game that we can play together. I’m also planning a rematch in Life!, Sorry!, and Uno! You can’t forget game day snacks.

4. Outdoor Play. We’re fortunate that our neighborhood has several parks and tot lots for the residents. We also have a nice sized yard the kids can play in. I’m planning to let the kids play soccer and outdoor bowling as well as blow bubbles while dancing to music courtesy Alexa.

5. Picnic. I am really looking forward to this one. The weather is supposed to cooperate greatly next week. I want to have a nice little picnic for the family. I’m thinking Sunday with Cheesy Pull-apart Sliders, Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Egg Salad, Iced Tea, and Delectable Brownies.

6. Neighborhood Walk. We’re fortunate to live in a community where there are walking trails and sidewalks. I’d like to take the kids with their strollers, bikes, and skateboards and walk or ride through the neighborhood just enjoying the weather and spending time with each other. My son particularly enjoys when we do this and I definitely want to take advantage of that time since in a few more years, he may be out the house exploring a new city of his own.

7. New Books. Our library has this nice feature that lets you preview books and then reserve them. You go through the list, check what you want, and then go to the library where they are already bagged for you. You just scan your library card and keep it moving. I like this idea as it makes me getting in and out with four kids so much easier. The kids will have new books to enjoy and I will have the joy of their being immersed in book land.

8. Movie Night. This will be a double feature. The kids will pick out two movies and we will make homemade pizza with toppings, popcorn, and ice cream while we enjoy the movie as a family. There’s no better fun time that with a family just watching something that makes you think…or jump together. We like action, comedy, and heart string movies. I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind us watching something that may make us jump a bit. Maybe not 😊. Ooh! Click here for a link of Family Movie Night movies recommended by age!

Also feel free to check out these pins for additional Spring Break Staycation ideas.  I’ve pinned from all around the Pinterest-verse.  Notice these ideas are also pretty inexpensive. I consider that a win-win.
Do you have any suggestions for a spring break staycation? Have you and your family adjusted any family plans?Leave a comment. We’d love to know what you think.

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