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Weekend Recap: Meeting Elsa and Performing in Plays

Weekend Recap: Meeting Elsa and Performing in Plays

Hey everyone!  Happy Monday!  I woke up this morning with a nasty little cold that I can thank baby J. for so generously sharing with me.  It’s a beautiful 60 degrees outside and is supposed to climb to 71.  I, however, am inside shivering and wrapped in a coat and blanket.  -_- I hate being sick. Fortunately, the yuckies didn’t make their debut this weekend which was great because it was an awesome weekend!

Friday was Opening Night for Bug’s play!  He did SO well!  I’m so proud of him.  He really came across with such confidence and strength.  I was and am SO proud of him!

The orange is what Bug’s drama teacher wrote to him.  I was so teary eyed!

Biug and his teacher!
Saturday morning, I woke the kids up early for a surprise for the girls…especially Honeybee.  A few weeks ago, one of the local farms posted on their social media page that Queen Elsa would be visiting for a picnic with Olaf.  I thought it was a cute idea and seeing how “Into the Unknown” has been playing on our devices on loop mode, I knew the girls would be thrilled.

After Queen Elsa read stories to the kids, she performed a meet and greet with them.  My Honeybee told me later that she “knew she wasn’t the real Queen Elsa, but was glad she took the time to make her smile”.  I love that girl.  I got some pretty cool pics out the deal.

Then, it was Saturday night.  Saturday was the last night of Bug’s performance and EVERYONE came out to support.  His paternal grandparents, my father and brother, his friends from church, friends from the Youth Department…all came to support him.  It was awesome!
He LOVES his son in law.

Meeting his grandson for the first time!

I love our church family

After his show was over and his family and friends gone, the cast had a “wrap party” at the local icecream shop.  It was so cool seeing our son with his friends enjoying life and basking in a new found accomplishment.  He isn’t a little boy anymore.

After such an awesome weekend, I went to bed noticing a scratchy throat.  I woke up with a fever, sore throat, and no voice. Joy.  I suspect baby J shared his goodness with me as he had quite the stuffy nose.  We cuddled up and watched church service from home since fevers are never anything you want to share.

I don’t mind showing you that I was NOT quite up to par.

I did take take to honor my mom on International Women’s Day.  Shoot, my mom has always been the epitome of a woman who works hard for what is needed and doesn’t know how to quit.  I love her SO much!!

I ended my weekend with my S. and the kids watching TV, eating yummy food, and spending time together.  Even ill, I wouldn’t trade time with them for anything in the world.  
Laying on the couch beside Mommy
Here’s hoping you had an amazing weekend yourself!  We’ll talk to you soon!

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