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Welcome, March!

Hi Everyone! Yay, it’s March! I’m really looking forward to this month because we are ever so close to Spring. I need warmer temps and pretty flowers, though with the weather we’ve been having lately we might not know the difference. So, what’s going on in the month of March? Sooooo much!


This week I am headed to Charleston, SC for a business trip. I LOVE this city. I’ve been here before and have blogged about it here. Last time, I flew in and caught a super upgrade on a rental. This time, it made more sense economically to drive down, so my team and I will be road tripping it. It’s not going to be an easy glamour fest as we are set up for some LONG days, but I’m looking forward to getting things accomplished and catching up with some former coworkers when I get down there.

Last time, this was the only car left at airport rental.  It was a huge ride lol

I’m SO thankful that Daylight Savings Time is next week because I’m not sure I’d function well if I lost my hour of sleep during this week.


The Play

So excited about this one!

Bug has his middle school musical at the end of the week. I’m so excited. I know he’s been working very hard. I am really looking forward to supporting him this weekend. I am REALLY digging this #TheatreMom thing.

The Surprise

Here’s a hint.
I’ve RSVPed for a special surprise for the girls this Saturday morning. It’s going to be a sit down with one of their favorite people in the world. I am so looking forward to the girls’ faces when we go. I hope it’s a wonderful time and that the weather cooperates.

Spring Break 

The kids will be enjoying a Spring Break pretty soon. I don’t know yet what we are going to do or if we are going to go anywhere, but I know they are looking forward to some down time.


Monthly Goals

  • Start classes this month for my Masters degree in Social Media Management (and planning to minor in Strategic Communication).
  • Complete the #SelfCare list for March.
  • Lock on 2 new clients for my business.
  • Complete 2 Bible Plans



I’ve posted this list from Lindsay Rambles more times than I care to think about and still haven’t accomplished it completely. Let’s see if this month is any different.

Monthly Blog Recap

I posted the following blogs in February. Feel free to click if you haven’t had the opportunity.

Looking Forward To:

All things Spring!

Here’s hoping your March is amazing!  

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