2020 April April 2020 monthly recap

Hello, April

Hello everyone.  My apologies for the delay in communication!  It’s been a whole new world as we adjust to #quarantinelife amid COVID-19 concerns.  Everyone is currently home and we’re adjusting to tons of time together.

What We’ve Been Up To

Teleworking.  Both S. and I have been blessed to have positions that allow us to telework.  It’s been nice to have the ability to remain connected to coworkers and colleagues, but staying at home and not having a break in the home monotony is definitely an experience.

Recently, the governor ordered a stay-at-home decree until June 10th.  Essential businesses remain open as well as take out for restaurants and the like.  It took a while, but my company finally decided who ranked essential and who didn’t.  Now we’re all working together to get things done.

Taking a break from telework to pose..FULL HOUSE

Eduation.  The kids’ last day of school was March 13th.  During the break, there was a mandatory closure for two weeks of all K-12 schools. The governor extended that closure to the end of the academic year.  We’ve been trying to figure it out since then.  Not only were the schools closed, but the daycares are closed as well.  So, all of the children are home.  Distance learning has started, but it’s optional as the students are not getting graded for the work that is provided.  We’re still letting them do it so as not to fall behind, but we’re adding our own things as well.

We’ve been learning sign language, exercising, doing Home Economics, painting, coloring, drawing.  It’s been an adventure in homeschooling here. The girls have particularly been enjoying themselves as everyday is a day to try something new.

Communicating during COVID-19

I love my extended family.  My brother and sister in loves are all just fun people to hang around.  We usually see at least a few of them once a week at church.  We talk on the phone and our children love hanging out with one another–their cousins.  So, the kids have been going through a bit of withdrawal these past weeks without being able to physically interact with their cousins.  The sister in loves have been experiencing some of the same.

We established a group video message group using one of the mobile platforms and we’ve been meeting weekly just to check in, exchange ideas, and shoot the breeze.  It’s been nice.  We see pics of the kids, talk about what we’re hearing in our respective locations as far as coronavirus is concerned, and any needs anyone may have.  I’m so thankful technology exists that allows us time to do just that.



Monthly Goals

  • Last month I wrote that I wanted to start my classes for my Masters degree.  I’m pleased to say I have and that I am approaching registration for my second semester.
  • With coronavirus restrictions, self care in terms of lunches and dinners out are no longer an option.  Still, I plan on hot baths and rest as long as we are quarantining.
  • Remember how I wanted to lock on two clients for my business?  I did it!  I was super excited, but out of acknowledgment of all that is going on this month, I allowed both clients a suspension of this month’s payment under condition they pay it forward.  We’re all in this together.  
  • I’m afraid I didn’t complete my Bible Plans as I desired, but I plan to try and complete one this semester.

Monthly Blog Recap

I posted the following blogs in March. It was a bit of a lean month with everything that has been going on, but feel free to revisit if you haven’t had the chance.

Looking Forward To:

A healthy, happy world.

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